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QUICK TIPS ✳ If the first w ords out of his mouth the next time he sits in your ch air are “You know that ‘t hing’ you did last time? I ne ed you to do that again,” your goal is achieved. Attract Mr. Right Surface’s Wayne Grund reveals his top five tips to growing your male roster. The majority of cosmetology schools may provide good barbering skills—but not great barbering skills. Attention to detail is a must! Personalize and tailor every cut and educate him on the techniques you’re using. ONLINE 118 2 THE POWER OF THREE There are three core cuts for men: The Crop (longer, shaggier layers that have an uncut look and are best completed with a razor); The Fade (a clipper or scissor-overcomb technique); and The Disconnect (a razor-cut top line to give hair direction and to lighten the weight). When cutting, tell your client what you’re doing and why. ✳ 3 SHOP TALK Skip the prattle with your first-time guests. Questions like “When was your last cut?” are meaningless; it doesn’t matter since he wasn’t with you. Instead, ask your first-timer questions such as whether he considers his style to be business, active, trendy or a combination. Now you’re talking hair! 4 EASY DOES IT Once you’ve determined the look he wants, offer a specific styling product for him, explaining that you want him to look great with “easy” hair at home. Easy is a word guys like— especially when it comes to grooming routines. Include information on skincare and shave creams as well. All this incentivizes him to come back to you for a great cut and “his stuff.” 5 GIFT EXCHANGE Don’t forget the ladies! Encourage your female guests to buy products for the men in their lives. And if their men aren’t yet your clients, sweeten the deal by including a certificate for a free haircut. Free is another word that guys love! To watch a video from Wayne Grund on his three core cutting techniques, check out 2.13 Thinkstock 1 PROVIDE GREAT MEN’S HAIRCUTS

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Beauty LaunchPad - February 2013
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Beauty LaunchPad - February 2013