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CHROMA EDITOR’S NOTEBOOK PERMANENT CREME COLOUR Love Is in the Air Hairstylists don’t need Valentine’s Day to be reminded how to show their love. CDP C O M P L E X CONDITIONS weightlessly, exactly where needed DEPOSITS high definition pigments PROTECTS February can really be a downer of a month. It’s cold, dreary and, if you’re not in a relationship (and sometimes even if you are), the middle of the month can be downright depressing. Top that off with seemingly nonstop headlines of mayhem and destruction, and it seems like it’s a recipe for disaster. Luckily for you, though, you work in the beauty biz. And hairdressers don’t let a disaster get them down. No—instead, when Superstorm Sandy hit, you rolled up your sleeves and pitched in, hosting cut-a-thons, donating time (and in some cases electricity), and helping to raise more than $170,000 for the Professional Beauty Association’s Disaster Relief Fund. (You can still donate! Visit If that isn’t enough do-goodness for you, Matrix’s Chairs of Change is constantly helping stylists reach their pay-it-forward goals, and Wella Professionals recently announced its Hairdressers at Heart program, which provides stylists with opportunities and tools to succeed, including scholarships, artistic competitions, childcare tuition discounts and grants for community service. The No. 1 thing I am continually awed by in this industry is how eager everyone is to help those in need. And even though I’m continually in awe, I’m not surprised. “When times are tough, our industry helps our own, and we will continue to do so now and in the future,” says Steve Sleeper, PBA executive director. Why? It all comes down to love. You love your work. You love your clients. You love people in general. That says a lot about our industry and those who work in it. So the next time you’re feeling down or overwhelmed by the world, just remember this: There’s a whole network of stylists out there, just like you, who are making the world more beautiful one head at a time. And while your hard work and dedication to your loved ones may not make national headlines, it certainly makes millions of people happy—and this editor sublimely proud. The No. 1 thing I am continually awed by in this industry is how eager everyone is to help those in need. from excessive damage 20 In the January story, “The Power of One,” we misspelled the name of the interviewee. Adriana Mireles is the national education director for Envy Professional. Launchpad regrets the error. 2.13 Amy: Armando Sanchez Correction YOUR HAIR COLOUR IS OUR ONLY BUSINESS™ Amy Dodds, Executive Editor

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Beauty LaunchPad - February 2013
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Beauty LaunchPad - February 2013