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HEAD OF THE CLASS System Shake-up Kao Group continues its quest for educational excellence by promoting within the ranks. “Quit smelling like a French fry, and come work in fashion.” This fateful help wanted ad set Sandra Humphries, new VP of education of Kao USA (, on a path from college kid and fastfood employee to beauty-school student and eventual mentor, now leading U.S. instruction for the Goldwell and KMS California brands. “Some stylists are born, while others— like me—fall into the industry,” Humphries muses. “Yet, in the end, we all love what we do because there’s joy in making clients feel special.” That result starts with a quest for information, delivered to Kao students at four teaching academies located in Santa Monica, California; Baltimore; Vancouver; and Toronto. Goldwell programs are dedicated to color perfection, with 2013 offerings like Mastercolorist for technique development and Color Zoom ’13, an intense workshop meant to re-inspire seasoned pros. At KMS, the focus is on freedom of style. Courses like Dressing the Hair and Cutting Edge encourage creativity in styling and snipping, respectively. “For 72 2.13 those who can’t attend in person, both brands also offer webinars that rock!” Humphries enthuses. This cornucopia of classes equals a fit for every personality, yet in the end one universal philosophy defines all Kao education: Provide a gathering place for technical or aesthetic development to build a community of innovators who partner with salons and help business bloom. Of course sometimes, even with the aid of invigorating tutelage, an artist may get stuck in a rut. “When that happens, shake it up,” Humphries advises. “Immerse yourself in a field that makes you nervous.” This is the advice John Moroney, former occupant of her post, seems to have followed. As the newly promoted global VP of education for Kao Group, he’s now leading international education initiatives—from Germany. “I wish I’d taken German lessons instead of French and Spanish in school,” jokes the 25-year industry veteran. “But I’m thrilled to work with stylists worldwide and continue growing the Goldwell and KMS brands. This is my chance to learn something new.” —Francesca Moisin Images: courtesy of Kao Group Sandra Humphries and John Moroney lead Kao Group’s educational initiatives.

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Beauty LaunchPad - February 2013
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Beauty LaunchPad - February 2013