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HUE BOTTEGA VENETA ONLY SKIN ASSESSMENT First, identify your client’s skin type. Is the T-zone oily? Are her cheeks dry? “This helps you to select the correct products for this person’s skin,” Tanno says. THE PREP STEP Proper skin prep helps makeup hold tight. “I always begin by toning the skin, then moisturizing and following with a skin primer that fits the skin type,” Tanno explains. For primers, oily skin needs a sheer, water-based or oil-free formula, while normal to dry skin benefits from a “lotion-like” texture. SET THE SKIN Tanno swears by this technique: When applying foundation, first mist a makeup-setting spray (she likes Skindinavia, onto your makeup sponge. Then, lightly work the foundation into the skin. “This keeps foundation from oxidizing even on the oiliest skin,” she relates. FOCUS ON THE EYES Eye primer is a must, Tanno insists. But don’t think eye primer and cream shadow are one and the same; “the product should clearly state that it’s a creaseresistant primer,” she says. Lay this down on lids before creating your eye design to prevent creasing and fading, and help your shadow appear more vibrant. LASTING MAKEUP Long-wearing makeup can be hers with these simple tips. No matter if your clients prefer natural or glamorous makeup, one common denominator they seek in their products is long-wearing formulas. But, as makeup artist Sarah Tanno shares, the secret to lasting makeup isn’t simply in the formulation; it’s also in the application. Tanno has painted the faces of some of the music industry’s most “active” (i.e. dancing) performers, so she knows a thing or two about budge-proof makeup. “Women want to feel confident, and makeup helps us feel that way. The last thing we want is to feel insecure that our makeup is smudged or has changed colors, or that we have lipstick all over our face,” she notes. Here, she dispenses her best stick-it tips.—Karie L. Frost 80 2.13 MAKEUP REMOVAL Once your client is done enjoying her built-to-last makeup, how should she remove it without irritating her skin? Tanno points to cleansing oils. “These break down long-wear products easily while also adding natural oils back into the skin, leaving it glowing,” she informs. Image: Andreea Angelescu The Secrets to LOCK-IN THE LIPS Long-lasting lip color is all about layering. Tanno suggests applying lip balm during the skin-prep phase, and allowing it to sink in while you work on the rest of the makeup. Then, use a stain in “a darker or brighter shade than what you’re trying to achieve” to give lips a base that will grab color. Draw the lip shape with a liner, and then completely fill in lips with the liner. “Then, apply lipstick not once, but twice. Apply, blot and reapply. This helps it from feathering and fading,” she shares.

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Beauty LaunchPad - February 2013