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Editor’s Notebook TONES ® DEMI-PERMANENT COLOUR The Power of You It may be time for a refresher: You have more influence than you realize. I very recently met up with a doctor who is launching a new product line to the professional beauty industry. (Don’t worry; you’ll get more info on the line in the June issue!) I was intrigued because, truthfully, he isn’t the first MD to launch a product into the beauty sphere. What is it that attracts doctors to the hair world? He told me that hairdressers are in a unique position: “They teach people how to take care of themselves,” he said, adding that doctors can only dream of the kind of sway a stylist has over his or her client. In his words: “You have more power than you think.” Now, this is coming from a doctor, a man who makes life-anddeath decisions—literally. And he’s jealous of your power. Just think about that for a moment. You potentially have a greater ability to make an impact on a person’s life than does a physician. And we’re not just talking about changing your client’s haircolor. We’re talking about changing your client’s life. He isn’t the first to recognize the influence that stylists have. Take Cut It Out (, for example. The charity aims to stop domestic abuse through harnessing the power of beauty. How? An excerpt from the organization’s website: “Research shows that most battered women never call the police or go to a shelter. However, they do usually talk about the abuse with someone they trust. Because salon professionals are skilled and experienced listeners When you’re at who are personally interested in their clients, many women Cosmoprof North suffering from abuse feel comfortable confiding in them—even if America this the abused women would never tell anyone else.” July, keep your So the next time you’re feeling down in the dumps or think eyes peeled for you aren’t doing the right thing, BEAUTIQUE, a remember those words: You have special sampling more power than you think. Use area that will feature your power wisely. Because salon professionals are skilled and experienced listeners who are personally interested in their clients,many women suffering from abuse feel comfortable confiding in them. ” BEAUTIQUE, C’est Chic! C O M P L E X ™ CONDITIONS weightlessly, exactly where needed DEPOSITS high definition pigments PROTECTS from excessive damage AMY DODDS, Executive Editor YOUR HAIR COLOUR IS OUR ONLY BUSINESS™ 20 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | APRIL 2013 CORRECTION: In the March story “Constructing Success,” we mistakenly said that Rejuvenol’s manufacturing plant is 5,000 square feet, when it is actually 40,000 square feet. Additionally, we reported that American Crew Global Face Off participant Dean Tsopanis was from the U.K., when he is in fact from Australia. Launchpad regrets the errors. deluxe-sized samples of the latest and greatest products in cosmetics, skin care, nail care and hair care. For $10, you’ll be able to choose seven samples from 20 participating brands. Think that’s good? Well, get this: All proceeds will benefit the City of Hope! Beauty truly is beautiful. ARMANDO SANCHEZ CDP

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Beauty LaunchPad - April 2013