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CHROMA ® Editor’s Notebook PERMANENT CREME COLOUR Feeding the Fire Sometimes looking outside your comfort zone can help your you stay motivated. I have been fortunate enough to talk to so many wonderfully talented hair artists in this industry about their beginnings and why they got into this profession we call beauty. Not surprisingly, many had always wanted to be part of the hair scene and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. But sadly, it seems, the passion for the craft can wither all too quickly. I recently met up with Vivienne Mackinder, whose work you can see starting on page 94 in Intercoiffure’s latest trend release, The American Style Collection, and we chatted about how fleeting passion can be. “Within a few weeks of getting hired,” Mackinder said, “the passion that beauty school grads have can fade.” She cited ennui within the current salon workforce and lack of encouragement from higher-ups as principal culprits. My mind reflected back on the sheer unmasked joy that Paul Mitchell students displayed at Caper, an annual educational event, and I have to say I’m surprised that such enthusiasm can be so easily quenched. Thank goodness for programs like ICA Nouveau, headed up by Creative Director Perry Monge. Stylists working in Intercoiffure salons who have been in the industry for less than five years are able to enter the annual Creative Cutting Contest, which affords them the opportunity to present in main stage programs on a national and even international level. Of course, there are numerous other competitions that just-graduated stylists can enter to reignite their fire. And by all means, encouraging younger stylists to be all they can be is a surefire way to not only help them maintain their love for their craft, but also to help you rekindle your zeal for hair. Still looking for inspiration? In addition to seeking it within what you do, why not look outside the box, so to speak, to help fuel your passion for your craft. As we found out while researching our “Beauty Moonlighters” feature, beginning on page 32, many pros do actually pursue other interests outside of the industry, and it helps them stay motivated in every aspect of their careers. What’s my outside passion, you may wonder? Other than being the best mom I can be, I adore helping my husband design his custom-made furniture. We work well as a team; he asks for my I helped my husband design this award-winning crib. help and advice on design, and I’ve even pitched in by making stained glass doors for an arts and crafts-inspired sideboard. While writing is definitely creative, conceptualizing in terms of 3-D presents whole new challenges and helps me to think of solutions in different ways. What’s your hidden talent? Let us know on Facebook! Gorgeous color starts with great condition. Aloxxi’s CHROMA High Definition Permanent Creme Colour features CDP Complex to deliver complete coverage, moisturizing conditioners and brilliant shine to every strand. CDP C O M P L E X™ CONDITIONS weightlessly, exactly where needed DEPOSITS high definition pigments PROTECTS from excessive damage 24 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | JULY 2013 AMY DODDS, Executive Editor ARMANDO SANCHEZ YOUR HAIR COLOUR IS OUR ONLY BUSINESS ™

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Beauty LaunchPad - July 2013
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Beauty LaunchPad - July 2013