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CONVERSATIONS Beaut y MOONLIGHTERS We all know that the beauty industry attracts dedicated, passionate participants—so perhaps it’s no surprise that many top influencers in product manufacturing harbor second loves on the side. —TRACY MORIN [RUNNING] KATE MARTINI FREEMAN Creative Director, Aloxxi International My other love: My husband, Jimmy Dean Freeman, and I coach a running team (the SoCal Coyotes,, training people for everything from half-marathons to ultra-distance events on roads and trails. I also run, having completed more than 30 marathons, 13 ultra-distance events and one Ironman Triathlon. Although I love being competitive and racing, nothing beats coaching others who are trying to reach their athletic goals. Why it works: I come up with some of the most creative ideas and effective ways to tackle projects while running; I find being in nature on the trails particularly inspiring. One would think after putting the body through such stresses you’d be tired, but regularly being active gives me the energy and presence to really give my best on the job—whether it be at a photo shoot or working on an advertising campaign. [WOMEN’S MINISTRY] TINA OWENS Creator and CEO, Halo Couture Extensions My other love: I’m a full-time student at Bible College, focusing on women’s ministries; I do extensive studies on each book of the Bible. I conduct women’s Bible studies to lead women toward greater meaning in life, giving them confidence in their roles and purpose as women, and helping them understand the impact they can have, not only in their personal lives but their professional lives. Why it works: Working within the women’s ministry has a huge impact on my job at Halo Couture Extensions. I’ve created a product that’s designed to enhance the beauty of women, giving them an inner confidence that so many women lack today. Beauty goes beyond the exterior and projects how a woman feels. 32 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | JULY 2013

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Beauty LaunchPad - July 2013