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Trendsetters/Mood Board Modus Operandi Sebastian Urban Design Team Member KYLE AGUON shares with Executive Editor Amy Dodds his recipe for genius: inspiration, inspiration, inspiration. Aguon’s study in shadows DULY NOTED I try and ingest as much inspiration from every moment of my life—from the home to the gym to the airports I travel from. Inspiration is everywhere, and once the process hits me I have to document it ASAP or I lose it. I’ll email myself, use apps like Evernote, draw, take photos—whatever it takes, but I need to create it immediately! LIKE FATHER My father, by far, is my greatest influence. He’s the greatest man, the most amazing husband, the hardest worker (ridiculous work ethic!), most loyal friend and most honest man I’ve ever met. He has set the bar mighty high, but I will say he makes me strive to be the best man I can be. TAG ALONG In the seventh grade, I attended an invitational art camp at Eastern Illinois University and met graffiti artist Jarrett Spiegel. Since then, I’ve had a consuming passion for graffiti art—so raw, such attitude and, for the most part, so final…no redos! I believe that’s why I get off on hair so much—I get one shot to interpret things my way, and I get immediate feedback. ISLAND LIFE My father is a native of Guam and all of our family is still there. It’s beautiful beyond measure, only to be surpassed by our people who are so proud, so loving and so laid-back. It’s a place for me to recharge, to remind me what’s important and how to treat both strangers and friends and family. I’m loving how the’80s and ’90s are coming back. I’m finally old enough to see the reemergence of trends that I was around for the first time. But instead of just re-creating what already happened, I’m creating the baddest, most futuristic versions of what I saw, and I’m really enjoying myself!’’ BECKS’ SPECS Mr. David Beckham am amazes me with his style choices—very y classic with an edge, polished and strong, but not afraid to take risks and do something fresh while always having a sort of throwback feel. . 92 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | JULY 2013 Note the retroinspired deep side part! EDUCATE THYSELF! I take every class I can get my hands on—it doesn’t matter whether someone huge is coming to town or a fellow stylist is doing something cool with our assistants. I need education to survive and keep me loving what I do! Also I love teaching. There’s something about watching a lightbulb go off that is so refreshing and inspiring—and when students take what you just taught them, twist it and create something that just blows you away, that makes my year! HEADSHOT AND MODEL IMAGE: ERIKA LAROCCO; BECKHAM: LINTAO ZHANG/GETTY IMAGES; GRAFFITI: LINTAO ZHANG/GETTY IMAGES; GUAM: MICHAEL RUNKEL /GETTY IMAGES; THINKSTOCK

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