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Quick Tips Seasonal Success Just how can you capitalize on the holidays? Tanisha Foster, Senior Salon Product Marketing Manager for SalonBooker, provides ideas for turning the festive season into a boon for your business. FEELING PROMOTIONAL Create an overarching plan that takes into account what promotions you'll be running and when, mapping out opportunities you want to take advantage of on a calendar. Will you be running Black Friday promotions? Holiday-specific promotions? How will you spread them out? One option is customizing gift certificates for the holidays. Relevant, seasonal designs are more enticing to purchase, because customers are driven to gifts that reflect the occasion they're purchasing for. Make sure you add your logo to all of your gift certificates and cards for increased brand recognition. The holidays are also a great time to express thanks to your loyal clients. Send them an email with an offer for a free gift or percentage off a service and make them feel appreciated. 3 2 Help guide men on what to buy for their significant others! COMMUNICATION IS KEY Email your customer base to keep them in the loop about your holiday plans, promotions and events. Additionally, try to reach your less frequent patrons or people who don't typically visit your salon. This can include men and teenagers who might be buying gifts for family members. You may also want to create a gift guide for buyers by highlighting key holiday offerings in a flier or newsletter. Simplifying the buying process makes customers more likely to make a purchase! Clearly state your holiday hours on all social media! Create a social media plan. Tackle this one by crafting a content calendar, strategizing and drafting posts in advance. Do you plan on updating the imagery on your profiles? Now's the time! Establish and clearly display your holiday hours by posting this info in your salon, on your website and across all social media platforms to keep clients informed. SET THE SCENE Keep your clientele in mind when you're planning your holiday decor. What sort of things would make them feel most spirited? Take advantage of this seasonal opportunity with holiday-focused retail displays and sampling. Upselling clients and gift-buyers alike is a great way to boost revenue. To learn more about SalonBooker, visit 120 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | NOVEMBER 2013 GET INTO THE SPIRIT Give back to your community with a charitable initiative. 'Tis the season of giving, after all! Find an organization that holds significance for you, and partner up for an event. You can also throw a holiday party to celebrate your staff and clientele. If a big party isn't in the budget, arrange a potluck that splits up the contribution. Lastly, hand out employees gifts and thank-you notes to make them feel appreciated. Keeping your staff happy is a crucial component of your salon's success, so let them know you value their hard work. THINKSTOCK SOCIAL SKILLS

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Beauty LaunchPad - November 2013
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Beauty LaunchPad - November 2013