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CHROMA ® Editor's Notebook PERMANENT CREME COLOUR TheValue of BEAUTY Can a price be put on making someone look and feel better? CDP C O M P L E X™ CONDITIONS s I hurriedly write this, I am at Goldwell's Color Zoom competition in Los Angeles. (More about this in the next issue.) I just finished talking with Cory Couts, Global President of Kao, Salon, and during our discussion he posed an interesting question: "What is the value of beauty?" It's a thought-provoking query-especially as we wend our way into the holiday season, which is probably your biggest moneymaking (and money-spending) time of the year. Perhaps the answer lies in how one defines "value." Do you consider value to mean a monetary amount? Or is it something more intangible, such as a thing's usefulness or importance? Looked at another way, does the question ask how do you feel when you make someone feel beautiful? At any rate, I decided to turn the tables and pose the question to our Facebook audience, and below are some of their stimulating answers: Laura Kendrick: Being a hairstylist, I see firsthand every single day the value of beauty. Most women feel more confident and powerful when they feel they Aferdita look their best. I'm not saying that confidence does not come from within, Jasharaj Watson: but it partly has to do with feeling how you want to look. I always feel more It is the confident in my job when I wear heels to work. power of your Rondeann Wood: Beauty is not just for the privileged, it is presence. for everyone! I love seeing my guests leave feeling like rock Daniela Drake: stars. There is no feeling better than seeing someone smile The value the because they look great and feel good. observer gives Mendy Douglas: Beauty exists in everything and in all of to it. us.... sometimes it just [gets] lost and we have to send out a search party.... sometimes it's a BIG search party.... Tracy Ricketts Salon Balance, a hair design studio.: It is priceless Ftacek: Beauty evokes Mary A Laskaris: There is no value on beauty, it is found within an emotion. It puts us the individual. into a euphoric state All answers are true and correct. It's amazing, isn't it, that of joy, confidence while we don't all agree on what the value of beauty means, we all and success. agree that beauty has value. A nice Used wisely it can sentiment to remember during this change lives. hectic holiday season. weightlessly, exactly where needed DEPOSITS high definition pigments PROTECTS from excessive damage YOUR HAIR COLOUR IS OUR ONLY BUSINESS™ 26 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | NOVEMBER 2013 ARMANDO SANCHEZ AMY DODDS, Executive Editor

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Beauty LaunchPad - November 2013
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Beauty LaunchPad - November 2013