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Conversations/Launches PIN STRAIGHT Paul Mitchell Editorial Director Lucie Doughty supplies the ultimate kits for securing haute holiday styles. obby pins have come a long way since their mainstream debut in the 1920s, when they were crafted to keep flapper-era bobs perfectly in place. One could argue they occupy the niche between utility and decoration-their minimalist design reflects a focus on pure function, but due to their ease and popularity they've become a ubiquitous device bordering on accessory. Never has this latter aspect been more true than today, as bobby pins enjoy a rebirth thanks to the newly launched Straight Pin Studio by Lucie Doughty, Session Stylist and Editorial Director for Paul Mitchell ( "I wanted to provide tools to help stylists in their everyday work," shares Doughty. "These are tools that have helped me along the way, but I've selected only the best available and have included extra tips on how to make them multitask for any kind of look on-set." Straight Pin Studio offers The Essentials Kit, composed of core tools to meet the needs of editorial shoots and clients alike, as well as The Trend Kit, which features tools and instruction for creating a specific look of the moment-whatever the au courant inspiration may be. "Having everything you need in one convenient kit takes the guesswork out of the style and reduces the amount of time fumbling around for the right tools," Doughty explains. "Now everything stylists need is in one spot, and they can purchase refills at the Straight Pin Studio website." There may be a line between function and design, but it's a fine one, indeed. And much like bobby pins, Straight Pin Studio bridges that gap between necessity and convenience. Ladies and gents, the pin is in! With one simple kit, you'll have all the tools you need thanks to Lucie Doughty's Straight Pin Studio. PINS -PLENTY B Fall 2013's Trend Kit is focused on oversized buns! The Big Bun Trend Kit includes: * More than 600 hairpins, bobby pins, elastic bands, European-grade nylon hairnets and clips * A magnetic strip on the inside lid for easy pin access and organization * A cotton duster bag for easy kit transport * Four paddings (oblong, round, cone and crescent) made of synthetic hair * A donut-shaped, lightweight sponge in blonde or brunette-easy to pin for securing topknots * Premium-quality straight pins * Step-by-steps to create a variety of looks * Inspirational photos-created by Doughty!-showcasing an array of styles * A custom black, patent vinyl bag that serves as a carrying case THE GREAT PIN DEBATE Wavy or straight? And no, we're not talking hair textures. There's been a long-standing feud on the proper way to install bobby pins into a coif-wavy side up, or straight side up. Where do you stand on the pin debate? Let us know by visiting our Facebook page! And check out Doughty's take on her guest blog: 42 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | NOVEMBER 2013 ALL IMAGES COURTESY OF STRAIGHT PIN STUDIO With 14 compartments housed in a customdesigned, opaque black box, the Essentials Kit includes:

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