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Trendsetters/Runway Report Fantastic Elastic An unlikely muse gives way to an inventive hair design by Aveda at Kimberly Ovitz. -KARIE L. FROST K Hero Product Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam grants saturated shine and grip. imberly's collection explores the human psyche and innate defenses found in animals and insects. You know how an animal in danger changes color?" Aveda Global Creative Director Antoinette Beenders asks backstage at Kimberly Ovitz. Yet, she's not mimicking the chameleon color-shift in her hairstyle; rather, Beenders is taking a more stylized approach. "I wanted to create hair that looks like a shell-like a shield of armor or an armadillo's shell," she says. After creating a center part, Beenders drenches the roots to mid-lengths with Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam ( and then brushes the saturated strands into two tight and tidy ponytails-one positioned near the forehead, the other behind the ear. After securing her ponies with millinery elastic, Beenders begins "corseting" the loose ends of the elastic around the ponytails, crisscrossing them all the way to the ends. "You want your millinery elastic long so that you can knot it all the way down the ponytail," she explains. Once the corseting is complete, Beenders gently loosens hair between each bisection of the elastic, creating small S-waves. "Think of a '20s wave in a futuristic interpretation, just touched with danger," she says with a wink. She carefully positions the ponytails' lengths along the model's hairline, securing them with hidden U-pins along the way. Though the armor intent is obvious, one thing is for sure: The resulting pattern of twisty tendrils certainly won't have its wearer blending into the background anytime soon. Think of a '20s wave in a futuristic interpretation, just touched with danger." 74 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | NOVEMBER 2013 LEFT TO RIGHT: COURTESY OF AVEDA; PAUL ZIMMERMAN/WIREIMAGE; MARK VON HOLDEN/GETTY IMAGES Shell Bent Long strips of millinery elastic are used to corset the hair.

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