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Business Affairs Front and Center Dazzle from the start, with tips on how to create a well-run reception area. -FRANCESCA MOISIN ou never get a second chance to make a first impression-and certainly not when you're running a salon's front desk. "These employees represent their company's culture and possess supreme control over sellable hours, its most valued asset," explains Eric Ducoff, Vice President of Strategies business consulting firm ( It's therefore imperative that staff be skilled in three domains, starting with customer service. Scripting can help guarantee proper telephone etiquette on every call. "If you'd like things said a certain way, map out all fathomable scenarios and get them down on paper," advises Ducoff. "A dynamic personality need only be supported by training to achieve wondrous results." Remember, every individual is crucial to the team. Value this concept, and buoy it via dress code. "Customers first see receptionists when entering, thus receptionists should reflect the culture you've worked hard to create," Ducoff urges. Y Time management is an equally essential task to master. Down moments may be put to constructive use with client callbacks and appointment confirmations. Those with a firm grasp of marketing plans can also regulate social media sites by posting pictures of spa events or happily satisfied patrons. "Again, it's all about systems," muses Ducoff. "With a bit of cooperative brainstorming, quiet hours morph into lucrative opportunities." Finally, view front-desk personnel as prized sales agents. Everyone in the shop is responsible for moving items-especially at checkout, when most business is closed. It's therefore unwise to offer a commission, which implies that product pride is optional. Further, when a potential patron calls inquiring about services, prices should never be simply rattled off. "This is an advantageous opportunity to share the salon's story, then gain a better understanding of a new client's needs," Ducoff suggests. Lead people to greatness, and they'll be empowered to push forward through both good times and bad. The front desk is instrumental in maintaining client loyalty. A dynamic personality need only be supported by training to achieve wondrous results. " ➤Smile. We hire for attitude, then train for skill. ➤Schedule appointments correctly, gathering all pertinent information and never leaving gaps in the book. ➤Speak the studio language: We don't "wash" hair; we "shampoo" it. And "happy to" should always replace "have to." 110 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | FEBRUARY 2014 ➤Ever say "no." ➤Put a client on hold without first requesting permission. ➤Make a customer feel bad when she's running late. © MOODBOARD/CORBIS Top three reception dos and don'ts, courtesy of Nuala Guildea, Manager of Manhattan, New York's Arrojo Studio ( DON'T... DO...

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Beauty LaunchPad - February 2014
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Beauty LaunchPad - February 2014