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Editor's Notebook SALON COLOR & CARE P l ump Under Pressure UP Hairstyling was just named as the second least stressful job of 2014. Can this be true? S usan Adams of Forbes magazine just posted an article that ranked the 10 least stressful professions as determined by job-posting website Topping the list were audiologists, who diagnose and treat hearing problems. Second? Hairstylists. In her article, Adams says CareerCast's publisher Tony Lee explained his reasoning for ranking thus: Audiologists and hairstylists typically run their own businesses and can schedule their clients as they wish. Additionally, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these fields are growing and have the added benefit of a low risk of injury to them or their clients. But is that all that makes a job stressful? No, hairstylists aren't at risk of grave bodily harm, unlike a soldier or police officer. But does that discount the stress of working in a service-based profession? And yes, many can schedule their clients as they wish-but what about those lean times, isn't that stressful? I took to social media and asked our Facebook fans if they thought they had a low-stress job. Here are a few of the hundreds of enlightening answers we received (within minutes, I might add). Marshall E.: I have a good perspective on this. I was a corporate IT guy for years before leaving to do hair. Hair stress is a one and corporate stress is a 500. April N.: I love where I work and everyone I work with and I love all people but I will say that VOLUME & STRENGTH Regimen includes: 1 CLEANSE 2 being in control of the way someone feels about the way they look everyday and their happiness is based all on my confidence and talent-it can be stressful. Day after day we have to be perfect at what we do or we can make someone cry!!! We are therapists, artists, and miracle workers. If I didn't love what I do I wouldn't do it... But it is a lot of pressure. So thankfully I'm good at it! Tara L.: Disagree strongly. Our job encompasses many jobs that most spend years acquiring doctorate degrees in which to practice their professions. CONDITION 3 Volumizing and Strengthening Shampoo Do you agree or disagree? Email me and let me know, or join in the discussion on Facebook! Volumizing and Strengthening Conditioner Save My Salon! Is your salon in need of a boost? From now through March 31, indust ry consulting and coaching firm Empoweri ng Salon Professionals is offering beauty pros a cha nce to win a year of privat e business and coaching ser vices from Founder and President Chad Law throug h its Save My Salon Sweepstakes. Worth an est imated $12,000, the grand prize includes an initial assessment, a customized annual bus iness plan, marketing tips and team -building pointers. To enter, visit m. STYLE Thickening Serum Purity from a Higher Power® NOT Tested on Animals As Advert ised in: Allure, Elle, InStyle, Lucky, More, Marie Claire, People en Espanol, People Style Watch 24 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | FEBRUARY 2014 AMY DODDS, Executive Editor

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Beauty LaunchPad - February 2014
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Beauty LaunchPad - February 2014