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Live & Learn/Quick Tips Break FREE Once you find yourself in an artistic rut, it can be tough to escape the slump! These pointers aim to help rekindle your inspiration and jog your creativity. -MOLLY KOSSOFF 1 TUNE IN It's hard to feel poised 2 on the forefront of stylistic innovation when you don't know what's going on. Energize yourself by paying attention to trends, checking out runway recaps and following what those on the cutting edge of fashion- and by extension, beauty-are doing. Your clients come to you hoping for an interpretation of a trend, so equip yourself with a solid awareness of the style world. You may see something that sparks an inner renaissance! DON'T FORGET YOUR ROOTS READ MORE 3 GET OUTTA TOWN There's a reason so many creative minds in history have drawn their inspiration from travel. Exploring a new place, or even revisiting an old favorite, opens up your mind to receive and absorb culture. Note the street fashion of another city. What is the younger generation doing that's inventive and exciting? 114 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | MARCH 2014 Blogs, publications, pro-beauty websites, even (gasp!) books- there's a constant fount of reading material to be had. These can be excellent sources for stories, imagery, stepby-steps, industry news and business ideas. As writer Fran Lebowitz once said, "Think before you speak. Read before you think." NEVER STOP LEARNING Be a perpetual student. If you take it upon yourself to learn something new every day, you certainly won't run out of material! You're part of an industry that boasts an endless array of educational opportunities: Check out Learning Curve on page 112 for haircoloring classes, and visit learning-curve for an academic directory that's continually updated. CLOCKWISE FROM TOP, LEFT: CRAFTVISION/GETTY IMAGES; BILL SYKES/GETTY IMAGES; PEATHEGEE INC/GETTY IMAGES; ABSODELS/GETTY IMAGES 4 Who was your mentor? What did he or she teach you? And most importantly, are you honoring those lessons? If you maintain sight of how you got started, your experience as a mentee should help you grow-as it did when you were still a fledgling stylist. But here's the second part of the equation: Pay it forward. Finding someone to mentor can help you reexamine your role and push you out of your comfort zone, while giving you the chance to change a life and motivate a new generation.

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Beauty LaunchPad - March 2014
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Beauty LaunchPad - March 2014