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Live & Learn/Social Network What's a-Twitter? We asked our Twitter and Facebook friends to share the greatest compliment they've received from a client. Stephanie Harrelson Winstead: You didn't just cut my hair. You changed my life. This month, we tap social media marketing expert Kelly Ehlers to answer your burning web-related questions. Kallie Wulfkuhle: I want to know how to set my salon apart from others in this super-small town. We have a Facebook page, but it's not doing much, even after two years. I'm new, and working on revamping our page. What should I include specifically? Kelly Ehlers: Kallie, I have three strategic suggestions for setting your salon apart from the rest: * What's your specific voice? Salons are different from one another because the people who work in them are unique! Be sure to let your salon personality shine through on social media. * Run a social media campaign! Seventy percent of people who follow brands on Facebook do so for exclusive deals and promotions. It doesn't have to be a big promotion-you don't need to discount the value of your services-but even giving away a product within a trivia post, or a sample when clients book with your Facebook promo code, is a great way to start. * Promote your Facebook page within your salon, whether it's mirror clings or a conversation with each guest while she's in your chair. Be sure to think about how you are promoting your social networks offline as well as online. Gloria Lopez: I want to know where to invest my marketing money. I have tried the local newspaper and magazine, and I don't get great results. KE: Isn't this the age-old question? We've seen fantastic results using promoted posts on Facebook, and you reach a much broader audience than newspapers or traditional media outlets. Something you might also look into is Yelp, depending on how active your community is on that specific site. I've seen salons get huge spikes of foot traffic by building up their Yelp pages. Brandi Wein Woodfine: I have launched my Facebook page and it's doing well; now I have to grow my audience and get more "likes." I have seen that posting a giveaway contest where people "like" and share your page by entering their name seems to work quite well. What is the best way to go about this? KE: There are some fantastic options for this! You could invest a small amount of money to test a Facebook "like" ad, or you could do it organically with your current fan base. This will drive some organic activity, but in order to create new "likes" we suggest reaching out beyond your current audience.  Kelly Ehlers is President of Evoke Brand Strategies, a consulting company that develops digital strategies for salon professionals. To connect with her, visit or tweet @kellyehlers. 116 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | MARCH 2014 Frank Prescott: It took longer finding you than it did finding my husband. Kimberly Sills: I had a daughter of a client come by and thank me for being educated enough in my work to bring to their attention the 1st stage of a skin cancer (squamous cell) on the bottom of her mother's foot during her pedicure. Because of early detection they were able to get it before it got worse. That has been one of the most rewarding days of my career! Arica Burchfield: From one of my clients who is also dealing with an illness...she told me I made her feel like a woman beautiful. ©ISTOCKPHOTO.COM Y Ask,WeAnswer! ou Misty Forkum: My client that I had for 10 years moved to another state, and after several months she was in town to visit family. It really wasn't what she said, but what she did. She closed her eyes and smiled the entire time I cut her hair. I do mean the entire time. I told her that smile was the best compliment ever! http://www.ISTOCKPHOTO.COM

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