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Trendsetters/Mood Board The Art of the Sublime Aveda Guest Artist JON REYMAN chats with Executive Editor Amy Dodds about the sublime beauty of nature, rebellion and hair. TOOLS OF THE TRADE  SACRED REVOLUTION I'm always inspired by art, particularly Thangka paintings (Buddhist devotional paintings) and Banksy, who challenges people, institutions, beliefs and boundaries in a way that I like. An artist paints a colorful Thangka in one of the art schools near Nepal's capital city, Kathmandu. RAW BEAUTY The laws of nature are interchangeable with the word reality to me. The physical beauty of nature is wonderful-but its nature's laws and ways that really inspire me. The forces and powers of the natural world are just fascinating. I A NY I love that NYC is a great equalizer-no matter how much money you have or how important you think you are, you still have to go outside and deal with the city as it is. Everything is a 15-minute train ride away. Some of the most creative and biggest movers in the fashion industry are so closely concentrated. It's one of most efficient cities in the world. I stay creative and inspired by surrounding myself with people who are excellent and challenging. Also, education is a significant player in my staying both creative and inspired-growing in my process. Teaching pushes me to do better work. 82 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | MARCH 2014 THANGKA PAINTING: FRANK BIENEWALD/LIGHTROCKET VIA GETTY IMAGES; LIGHTNING: CARLOS GOTAY/GETTY IMAGES; NYC: PETER ADAMS/GETTY IMAGES; OTHER IMAGES: COURTESY OF AVEDA NO FEAR I'd rather do something and regret it, than not do it and regret not doing it. I like to break the rules, to oppose and take the less obvious path. I am a difficult person-I like to be challenging and do things that are not being done. I strive for perfection, yet one of my favorite quotes-"anything worth doing is worth doing poorly"-allows me the freedom to get into anything, then start refining it. It's a creative allowance. I am only as good as the tools I use. The right products from Aveda have been essential to my success. The fact that these products are good for me and I'm aligned with the company's values is a huge benefit. Also, the right blowdryer and flat iron are musts. As a craftsman, tools and products are what enable me to do better, faster and more refined work.

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Beauty LaunchPad - March 2014