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BEHIND THE NAIL PROS b y S t e p h a n i e Ya g g y The Making of our Cover: Careful Chaos hen Melissa Bozant and I started talking about the concept for the December cover nails she said “Right now, everyone is asking for different kinds of nail art on each finger. And we’re not talking slight variations, ” literally completely different colors and designs for each and every digit. Personally, this is a style of art that I’ve always been attracted to (read: obsessed with), so I told her to go for it. The color palette began with hot pink and black, but before long, ruby red, emerald green, stark white, and tons and tons of glitter emerged. Just when you thought that was enough, she added rhinestones to top it all off. This certainly isn’t a style for everyone; but if your client has the personality for it, then go with the “more is more” attitude. The beauty of this type of art is that you simply can’t go wrong—after all, nothing actually has to match. In fact, some would argue that the less they match, the better. So this holiday season, follow our model’s lead: throw on some black and a fuchsia lip and let the nails do the talking. W Nail Artist Melissa BozantNail Artist for the Text about the began her career 26 years ago Text about the Nail cover shoot. by doing acrylic nails in South Central L..A. Today her Artist foris made upshoot. celebs clientele the cover of A-list and top magazines. Creating the Cover Nails Photographer Photographerwork Cory Sorensen approaches his Text about the Photographer for with a combination of seriousness the cover shoot. Texthas been feaand humor. His work about the Photographer for the tured in magazines such as Shape and Men’s Fitness. cover shoot. Bozant wanted to extend the model’s natural nails, so she applied tips and then coated them with a clear acrylic overlay. 1 After filing and shaping the nail, she created different designs on each nail. Some were coated in silver metallic Minx. 2 3 Others began with a coat or two of nail polish. 72 NAILPRO DECEMBER 2 0 11

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Nailpro - December 2011
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Nailpro - December 2011