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SAVVY SALON b y S t e p h a n i e Ya g g y Lounge ith so many successful beauty franchise models out there, why isn’t there one for nails? This was the question that ran through Valerie Griggs’ mind until she founded 20 Lounge in Scotsdale, Arizona, in 2009. Similar to the Dry Bar concept (a chain of popular blow dry bars in Southern California), 20 Lounge nail bars have been tried and tested, proving its place in the beauty franchise market. The salon also substantiated an ultra chic and safe environment for nail services that is in demand. With a second booming business in the small San Diego neighborhood of Cardiff by the Sea, 20 Lounge plans to expand to Los Angeles and Dallas, and certainly more to come. 20 W Why We Think It’s Fabulous 5 Reasons 1 There is consistency throughout. “When you come into a 20, you feel like you’re in a Starbucks,” says Griggs. No, she doesn’t mean that you’ll buy coffee there; she’s referring to the fact that no matter what Starbucks you walk into across the country, they all have the same look and ambiance. It’s the same idea for 20 Lounge. The nail bar has specifically defined itself in the marketplace as a hip, happening and fun environment that provides excellent services—no matter which 20 you go to. “It’s hard to find a nail salon that has succeeded like that at a national level,” she continues. “That’s where 20 would like to go.” It was of the utmost importance to Griggs that when she created the nail bar model it would be super clean. “When you walk into the space, it’s probably the cleanest salon that you’ll ever walk into,” she gushes. “We pride ourselves on keeping things clean. We autoclave everything. We go above and beyond what the state boards ask us to do.” And judging by the number of clients coming through the door, they notice. 3 Service prices are affordable. 2 86 NAILPRO APRIL 2012 It is a sustainable and clean environment. With the overwhelming number of nail salons and the often devalued cost of nail services, it was important to Griggs that prices remain competitive. “Women don’t want to spend $50 on a manicure,” explains Griggs. So 20 Lounge set up a standard pricing model: $20 for hands, $30 for feet and $40 for face. Of course, the well-trained staff know how and when to upsell their clients coming in for the posh setting. Clients usually end up spending a bit more but walking out the door feeling and looking fabulous. 4 Retail is big business. In addition to the competitive pricing,

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Nailpro - April 2012
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Nailpro - April 2012