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The Real Cost of Relocating Determine a realistic budget for moving your salon to the best possible location. By Amy White 122 NAILPRO J U LY 2013 PHOTO: ©THINKSTOCKPHOTOS.COM/ISTOCKPHOTO.COM Y our waiting area is standing room only, the smell of grease is drifting into your salon from the diner next door, parking is scarce and your clients are ruining their pedicures on the seemingly mile long walk to their cars. To add insult to injury, your landlord has increased your rent—again. It definitely might be time to relocate. Moving your salon to a larger, more affordable retail space in a better location could be the boon your business needs. Cheaper rent leaves more room in your budget for new equipment, and opening shop in your city’s busiest neighborhood will keep your mani and pedi chairs filled. What’s more, an increase in square footage means you’ll have room to expand and grow your business. But before you start packing your nail polish to move to greener pastures, you need to think about the cost of relocating. Changing the location of a successful business isn’t as simple as packing up your stuff. Moving and renovation expenses cut deeply into a salon’s bottom line, and the costs of advertising a new location and training new nail techs (if your current set doesn’t want to follow) could leave a salon owner too cash-strapped to cover her first lease payment. Moving into the wrong retail space could also prove costly; an out-of-the-way location and a cramped layout can leave a salon deserted. But with a little bit of planning and foresight, you can pull off a successful relocation. It all starts with finding the perfect piece of real estate.

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Nailpro - July 2013
Nailing the News
Polished Look: Net Effect
Behind the Nail Pros
Workshop: 7 Steps to Creating a Marketable Menu
Art Gallery: Give It a Swirl
Peace, Love & OPI
Perfect Pairs: Shadow Play
Savvy Salon: Blossom Beauty Lounge
Beauty File: Alesia Lanzo
The Real Cost of Relocating
Coping With Unpleasant Coworkers
Tips Are Popping Up
Reality Works
Neon Nails
Dressed for Success
Here Comes the Sunless
Nail Clinic: Handling a Spill
Pro Talk
Marketplace Plus
Ad Index
Hollywood File
Manufacturer Deals & Promotions
Test Yourself

Nailpro - July 2013