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Reality Works By Melisa Wells 148 NAILPRO J U LY 2013 T he unscripted reality television genre exploded in the early 2000s, paving the way for a variety of makeover shows that are now topping the ratings charts. Americans seem to enjoy watching the road to improvement. One show that has made an impact with an enormous fan base is Tabatha Takes Over, which is finishing its fifth season on the Bravo network and stars Tabatha Coffey, an Australian hair stylist who first caught the attention of followers on another reality show, Shear Genius. In each episode, Coffey takes control of a salon business whose owner has asked for help, typically because she is on the verge of shutting down. In the course of a week, Coffey works with the entire staff to figure out a course of action for the future of the business, makes recommendations to the owner and renovates the salon before handing back the keys. NAILPRO recently sat down with Coffey to gain valuable advice on how a dose of reality can provoke realistic changes and get you on the right track. PHOTO: ©THINKSTOCKPHOTOS.COM/ISTOCKPHOTO.COM Gain salon success by getting out of denial and into a position of power.

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Nailpro - July 2013
Nailing the News
Polished Look: Net Effect
Behind the Nail Pros
Workshop: 7 Steps to Creating a Marketable Menu
Art Gallery: Give It a Swirl
Peace, Love & OPI
Perfect Pairs: Shadow Play
Savvy Salon: Blossom Beauty Lounge
Beauty File: Alesia Lanzo
The Real Cost of Relocating
Coping With Unpleasant Coworkers
Tips Are Popping Up
Reality Works
Neon Nails
Dressed for Success
Here Comes the Sunless
Nail Clinic: Handling a Spill
Pro Talk
Marketplace Plus
Ad Index
Hollywood File
Manufacturer Deals & Promotions
Test Yourself

Nailpro - July 2013