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Quick TIPS HERE ARE A FEW TIPS WHEN CONSIDERING UNIFORMS. # WASH AND WEAR Be sure to choose fabrics that are easy to wash, since techs will be in contact with all types of chemicals and nail products. Purchase sturdy, stretch materials that will be comfortable and last. Consider working out a trade with a local laundry service (free nail services or products in exchange for the laundering of your uniforms). # COLOR COORDINATE Choose a color that matches a color in your salon’s logo as well as one that won’t show spills. Try to avoid purchasing a bunch of different colors; having everyone in the same solid hue will create a sense of unity. # SIZE TO FIT Uniforms are not “one size fits all.” Order a variety of sizes and provide at least two uniforms for each employee so there’s always an extra when one is in the hamper. # ORDER EXTRA Always be prepared for the hiring of a new tech. Keep extra uniforms on hand to save on shipping costs. 164 NAILPRO J U LY 2013 “We are an Aveda Concept Salon. We wear all black, contemporary clothing and sometimes wear scarves of multiple colors. On Fridays, we wear jeans with professional tops as a fundraiser for Earth Month, donating $3 each time we wear jeans. ” —Rae-Lienne Porter, Master Nail Designer Designworks Day Spa, Dubuque, IA Promoting Uniformity IF YOU THINK IT WILL BE DIFFICULT TO GET YOUR STAFF ON BOARD WITH THE UNIFORM IDEA, GET THEM INVOLVED IN THE PROCESS! Show your staff several options and let it be a team decision so that everyone enjoys what they’re wearing. Have an open discussion with your team about other occupations where uniforms are standard. Imagine if you boarded a plane and the flight attendants were all wearing jeans and sneakers, or if you showed up at a high-end hotel for your vacation and the manager was wearing a heavy metal rock band T-shirt. There’s a reason why consumers have a higher degree of respect and trust for those in uniform. Nail techs promote professionalism in everything else they do, whether it’s maintaining strict equipment disinfection practices, providing top-notch nail services, or going above and beyond with retail recommendations. It’s only natural for them to also present a professional appearance. In fact, many techs who try uniforms for the first time often find that sales and appointments increase when clients start seeing them in a heightened professional light. If you find that techs clamor for a day off from uniforms during the week, consider holding fundraising casual Fridays. Many salons do this, with techs donating a specific dollar amount toward a chosen charity each Friday that they want to dress casually. It’s a great way to keep techs happy while raising money for a worthy cause. The bottom line is that uniforms and uniformity can only help your business. Any time you bring your team together to represent the salon in one cohesive professional unit, the business—and the individual techs—will benefit.

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Nailpro - July 2013
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Nailpro - July 2013