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Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Nailpro - July 2013

Nailpro - July 2013
Nailing the News
Polished Look: Net Effect
Behind the Nail Pros
Workshop: 7 Steps to Creating a Marketable Menu
Art Gallery: Give It a Swirl
Peace, Love & OPI
Perfect Pairs: Shadow Play
Savvy Salon: Blossom Beauty Lounge
Beauty File: Alesia Lanzo
The Real Cost of Relocating
Coping With Unpleasant Coworkers
Tips Are Popping Up
Reality Works
Neon Nails
Dressed for Success
Here Comes the Sunless
Nail Clinic: Handling a Spill
Pro Talk
Marketplace Plus
Ad Index
Hollywood File
Manufacturer Deals & Promotions
Test Yourself

Nailpro - July 2013