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BACKFILLS Tech Savvy Designs I was inspired by a phone case I saw and created this design. I included a photo of it for you to see. Denise Heavner Via email Loved “What’s Lurking” I just wanted to say that I loved your recent article “What’s Lurking in Your Footbath” [May 2013]. It was very thorough and the explanations given about how organisms and bacteria are commonly spread was easy to understand. What I’ve seen in the 26+ years in the business on the feet (and under the fingernails) would make your skin crawl, but pedicures are still my favorite service because I’m Lurking in Your helping people who FOOTBATH desperately need it and everyone leaves happy. The problem that I see within our industry is that every tech reports that they sanitize their foot spas or basins properly. Not one tech I have ever met or conversed with online has ever admitted that she didn’t sanitize properly, nor even owned up to the possibility that what she thought she was doing right might actually be wrong. They all will assure me and their clients that they are following proper procedures. But I’ve had pedis at very upscale spas and pedis by nail tech friends in mid-price salons, and I’m always dismayed to see basically the same cleaning attempts being made between clients: rinsing out the basin, spraying it with some cleaner, wiping the inside down, then refilling it to use for the next person. Last year, a state board inspector told me that she often sees salon workers running out the back door when she comes in the front door to inspect them. These same salons have many pedicure spas, and they tell the inspector that “they do not have time to clean them, so they’ll just pay the $500 fine.” I asked, why can’t she just inspect them again the next day and the next until they go broke or comply? But she said that she’s not allowed to because that would be considered harassment.  We have so few inspectors here in Kentucky and the budget won’t allow for more, so they travel hundreds of miles a day to inspect as many salons as they can. My typical inspection looks like this: She walks in, looks around, doesn’t open ? Learn how to deter icky germs from invading your pedicure equipment. IT’S FAR FROM HALLOWEEN, BUT THE CREEPY GERMS LURKING IN A DIRTY FOOTBATH ARE DOWNRIGHT SCARY. In fact, if a state board inspector came in and swabbed your footbath after every client, you may be surprised with the results. What you think is a “good enough” cleanup, probably isn’t. “When it comes to cleaning and disinfection, we don’t want to do OK,” says Doug Schoon, chief scientific advisor for CND. “We don’t want to do good. We want to follow instructions exactly. If the manufacturer’s instructions are not followed exactly, you can’t expect that it was properly disinfected.” One of the biggest issues, according to Schoon, is that some nail techs make up their own cleaning and disinfection routines rather than following manufacturer or state board instructions. “Most people don’t do enough if they make up their own procedures,” says Schoon. For example, if your disinfectant’s formulation is too weak or too strong, it won’t be effective, since the effectiveness is guaranteed at only certain strengths. Leaving the solution in the basin for too long or short of a time can also be harmful. “Too short of a time might not kill all the organisms. Too long of a time, you can start to corrode the insides of your tub and create little microscopic pits where the bacteria can begin to grow faster.” 146 • Use FreeInfo #17 52 NAILPRO NAILPRO J U LY M AY 2013 2013 By Ilona French ILLUSTRATION: ©THINKSTOCKPHOTOS.COM/ISTOCKPHOTO.COM What’s

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Nailpro - July 2013
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Nailpro - July 2013