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NAILING THE NEWS by Erin Kuschner Show & Tell L ooking for another venue to showcase your work? Joby Nail Art has just launched a new, easyto-use website,, featuring an entire section dedicated to nail professionals. Known for its intricate decals, Joby currently offers more than 200 designs that can enhance a tech’s work, whether it be a simple flower or a more complex creation. Share your results—both photos and techniques—with other professionals by emailing images to, then keep an eye on the site’s gallery to see your featured work! IN 2011, GEORGE SCHAEFFER—FOUNDER OF OPI PRODUCTS— HELPED FUND THE ADVANCED HEALTH SCIENCES PAVILION AT LOS ANGELES’ CEDARS-SINAI MEDICAL CENTER. As a thank you for his generous contribution, the hospital has named the lobby after Schaeffer, celebrating with an opening ceremony on April 23. “This building will open a new gateway to the Medical Center and bring patients and research together under one roof in a way that is exciting to the hospital and beneficial to patients near and far,” says Schaeffer. “I am convinced of the promise of Cedars-Sinai as a leading force of medicine and it is a privilege to express my faith in the future through this gift.” The new George W. Schaeffer Lobby will see 1,900 people pass through each day, and is housed in the 11-story pavilion renowned for its Heart Institute and neurosciences departments. 56 NAILPRO J U LY 2013 Confuse your muscles. Doing the same thing over and over again gets boring—not only for you but for your muscles. If your exercise routine no longer gives you the results that you once saw and felt, then change up p your workouts. Try something completely different, like swimming if you’re a runner or kick k boxing if you’re a spin junkie. If you do a regular set of overhead shoulder presses with free weights, try doing the same exercise but do five reps using one arm, then five reps using the other arm. Repeat until you have 20 reps. Confusing your muscles wakes them up and gets them to start responding again. ©THINKSTOCKPHOTOS.COM/ISTOCKPHOTO.COM In Good Health KATHY’S QUICK TIP

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Nailpro - July 2013
Nailing the News
Polished Look: Net Effect
Behind the Nail Pros
Workshop: 7 Steps to Creating a Marketable Menu
Art Gallery: Give It a Swirl
Peace, Love & OPI
Perfect Pairs: Shadow Play
Savvy Salon: Blossom Beauty Lounge
Beauty File: Alesia Lanzo
The Real Cost of Relocating
Coping With Unpleasant Coworkers
Tips Are Popping Up
Reality Works
Neon Nails
Dressed for Success
Here Comes the Sunless
Nail Clinic: Handling a Spill
Pro Talk
Marketplace Plus
Ad Index
Hollywood File
Manufacturer Deals & Promotions
Test Yourself

Nailpro - July 2013