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Law EnforCEmEnt EduCation program in PartnerShiP with: The National Shooting Sports Foundation partners with Law Officer Magazine to present a free education program for law enforcement at the SHOT Show . Learn from national experts while you visit the exhibit hall to see the latest products on the dedicated law enforcement exhibit floor areas . With sessions every day, it's easy to make the most of your trip . FREE to all law enforcement registered attendees of the 2014 SHOT Show . Requires registration for sessions . Detailed bios of each speaker can be found at shotshow .org/education . LEEp SEminarS wiLL run tuESday, January 14-thurSday, January 16. tuESday, January 14 Safety issues, eyesight during low light and common myths are explored in the training. 8:15 am-10:15 am 10:45 am-11:45 am the tactical Patrol officer tactical Deployment with high output illumination tools Don Alwes Bill Murphy Providing patrol officers with additional training and equipment enables them to respond more effectively to critical incidents both prior to and after the arrival of tactical teams. This seminar examines the factors leading to the TPO concept and the essential skills and capabilities needed. This session covers active shooter response in low light environments. Rapidly evolving shooting situations require a faster response than forming into modified "T" diamond formations, a two-person team needs to respond quickly and engage suspected shooters as a hunter/killer team. Two is the minimum working unit for rapid deployment, joined - when possible - by additional two-person teams. Two-person tactics are practiced moves and the foundation for smooth flow through difficult situations, and two-person tactics aid in communication between the quickly moving groups. Extremely bright white light aids the team and assists in controlling the shooter. These concepts are covered, with time allotted for questions and answers. 9:30 am-10:30 am low light training: the advantage of using weapon lights, lasers and handheld lights with handguns and long guns John T. Meyer, Jr. This training explores the tactical advantages of high lumen, long range, and red and green laser sighting systems. This year, participants will have the opportunity to be included in "hands-on" demonstrations of the rail light, laser and handheld light techniques to understand the tactical advantage. Meyer will show the techniques used to win in a confrontation during low light situations. Learn management and tactical tips to use with rail-mounted lights, with and without lasers and strobes. Applications with various handheld lights will also be demonstrated. 14 TOO GOOD TO MISS 10:45 am-12:15 pm Driving Down Police line-of-Duty Deaths: how to cut loDDs in half Now! Dale Stockton, Marc Joseph Over 2,000 officers have been killed in the line of duty since the year 2000, with a large percentage dying in ways that could have been easily prevented. Join Law Officer Editor-in-Chief Dale Stockton and Las Vegas Metro PD Deputy Chief Marc Joseph as they present compelling information on how line-of-duty deaths can be driven down to levels not seen since the 1940s! This training draws from two primary sources: 1) lessons learned after multiple LODDs at LVMPD and 2) the five tenets of Below 100, a program that is sweeping the country and has already dramatically impacted law enforcement culture. This class is a must for any law enforcement professional interested in officer safety. Personnel who serve in LE support positions are welcome to attend. 1:30 pm-3:00 pm law enforcement state-of-the-art aiming systems Frank J. Martello This presentation addresses the capabilities of tactical magnified optics beyond just hitting the target. The potential these optics offer the patrol officer and SWAT operator in the areas of threat identification, force decision making, intelligence gathering and enhanced effectiveness in low light situations transcends their primary role as an accuracy tool. It also covers the use of reflex sights on rifles, shotguns and service/off duty handguns, their ability to double the effective range of a service handgun, their usefulness in mitigating the vision correction issues experienced by all officers as they get older, and accuracy in low-light shooting scenarios. http://www.shotshow.com/education/

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