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H istory of the Canal The Rideau Canal was built between Kingston and Ottawa during the years 1826 to 1832. Its intended purpose was to provide safe passage to personnel and supplies during war time. Military man, Lieutenant Colonel John By of the British Royal Engineers was dispatched from England to create the canal. He was beset by difficulties, including the rugged terrain, disease ridden bogs, and an overly optimistic budget. Nevertheless, in seven years time, he had built a 202 kilometre canal linking a beautiful chain of lakes and rivers from Kingston to Ottawa. It remains as North America’s largest operating 19th century canal. The Rideau never had to fulfill its military purpose, but it did become an important trade route. The communities along its shore began to thrive due to its existence. In the 1850’s the advent of the railway reduced the amount of commerce on the canal, but steamboats and pleasure craft began to discover its beauty. Today, Parks Canada maintains the Rideau Canal as an historical haven to the steady stream of tourists exploring it by land and by water. Most of the lockstations are still operated by hand, preserving the tradition started in 1832 by Colonel By. Museums Our museums provide an unwavering link to our region’s rich cultural history. Agnes Etherington Art Centre 613-533-2190 University Ave., Kingston Bellevue House National Historic Site of Canada 613-545-8666 35 Centre St., Kingston Billings Estate Museum 613-247-4830 2100 Cabot St., Ottawa Blockhouse Museum 613-269-4034 St. Lawrence St., Merrickville 6 Photo Credits: Left: Sharon Matthews-Stevens, Colonel By Overlooking His Engineering Masterpiece in Ottawa Right Inset: RHRTA, Sign for Rideau Canal Museum

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Rideau Heritage Route Travel Guide 2008-2009 - English
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Rideau Heritage Route Travel Guide 2008-2009 - English