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ComputerCurrents RDC’s ePILOT Training Customizes Compliance BIRMINGHAM, MI.–Resource Development Co. has launched ePILOT online courses with site-specific training customizations designed to meet federal regulatory compliance requirements, including those of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the Department of Transportation. With 200 online courses and 600 hours of industry-validated training, RDC says ePILOT offers a comprehensive training and compliance solution for production operations, process operations, and environment, health and safety training. All the learning modules can be cusResource Development Co. says customization options for its ePILOT learning modules include the ability to add sitespecific graphics; link to procedures, safe work practices and policies; and specify terminology, operational parameters, settings and exposure limits. tomized to make the content more applicable to the learner’s actual work environment, which may be necessary to meet federal requirements for sitespecific training. For information, contact Resource Development Co. at 248-646-2300 or visit Ì Group Mobile Offering Tablets By DT Research PHOENIX–Group Mobile has extended its product offerings to include DT Research Inc.’s line of rugged tablet computers, which the company says offer vibrant touch displays and fast, energy-efficient Intel® AtomTM processors. According to Group Mobile, the tablets perform in a variety of working conditions, from the sales floor and warehouse to a vehicle or field. Group Mobile indicates DT Research users can choose between Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Standard 7, Windows 7 Professional, Windows XP Embedded, Windows XP Pro for Embedded Systems or Linux operating systems. Touch display sizes vary to accommodate a wide variety of uses, with optional sunlight readable displays available on all models. For information, visit Ì SIE Computing Solutions Introduces New 760 Series BROCKTON, MA.–SIE Computing Solutions Inc. has unveiled its Mupac small form factor line, the 760 Series. The initial two products in the 760 Series are an IP67 NEMA-rated version and an IP50 NEMA-rated version. In addition to providing standard offerings, the company says the Mupac small form factor line can be customized for a variety of unique specifications. SIE indicates the line is designed for mission- and performance-critical communications and intelligence. The compute platforms allow data processing in the field with a fully transportable, highly rugged computing module that improves speed and efficiency by completing processing in the machine, at the distributed level, before delivering data upstream. According to the company, the 760 Series is rated to operate in temperatures ranging from minus 10 to 60 degrees C. These highly configurable small form factor compute platforms can be deployed quickly with Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 multicore processors and as much as four gigabytes of RAM, allowing the 760 Series to bring high-end compute-class performance into harsh environments. For information, contact SIE Computing Solutions at 800-926-8722 or visit Ì 262 THE AMERICAN OIL & GAS REPORTER Flexibility A Feature Of WinCan TM Laser Module PITTSBURGH–Pipeline Analytics says the WinCanTM Laser module for the WinCan V8 pipe inspection and management software enables users to easily capture pipeline geometry using a video inspection crawler outfitted with practically any laser profiling hardware. According to the company, the WinCan Laser module provides all the geometric equipment information expected from laser profiling software, allowing users to verify proper pipe installation, plan relining projects, determine remaining pipeline life, monitor erosion/corrosion, and analyze partial collapses. Pipeline Analytics says it works in three modes, depending on the laser hardware: • In parallel laser mode, the camera head’s twin laser dots are oriented perpendicular to the pipe wall and then rotated 360 degrees. The WinCan Laser module analyzes video from the crawler In contrast to the trend in which most laser profiling requires each inspection crawler brand to use its proprietary laser hardware and software, Pipeline Analytics says the WinCanTM Laser module for the WinCan V8 pipe inspection and management software works with virtually all crawlers and laser hardware. to determine pipe diameter and deformation at that single location. • In ring mode, the WinCan Laser Module analyzes video from the crawler, extracting the laser ring pattern. Trending the diameter and deformation of this ring frame-by-frame yields data that can be converted into a solid model, ovality graph or color plot. • In scanning mode, the WinCan Laser module analyzes the laser dot pattern cast by any properly equipped side-scan camera, interpolating a ring to determine diameter and deformation. As in ring mode, these measurements can be trended frame-to-frame, yielding data that can be converted into a solid model, ovality graph or color plot. For information, visit Ì

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