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IndustryFocus: Companies, People and Products LINN To Focus Capital On Liquids-Rich Wells HOUSTON–LINN Energy LLC announces a 2012 oil and natural gas capital program of $880 million. The company indicates its program will focus primarily on low-risk, high-return liquids drilling. LINN says it expects to drill or participate in 340 wells this year. Fifty-three percent of its capital program will be allocated to the Granite Wash to drill or participate in 75 horizontal wells. Twenty-three percent will go to the Permian Basin to drill or participate in 100 wells, the company says, with 6 percent going to the Bakken, 6 percent to the Cleveland play, and the balance going primarily to workover, recompletion, optimization and facilities projects. LINN President and Chief Executive Officer Mark E. Ellis says the company delivered exceptional results in 2011, growing organic production 30 percent and closing $1.6 billion in acquisitions while raising its quarterly cash distribution by 5 percent. “We expect our 2012 capital program, coupled with a full year of production from assets acquired in 2011, to deliver a 40 percent production increase,” he reports. For information, visit Ì Bit Offers Speed, Control To Drill Demanding Wells HOUSTON–The new TalonTM 3-D high-efficiency vector-accurate PDC bit shortens drilling time and provides the directional control necessary to drill curve and lateral sections in a single run, Baker Hughes says. According to the company, the bit’s ability to provide a high rate of penetration enables operators to improve performance in difficult-to-drill formations. The Talon reliably handles drilling wear and tear by using an efficient bit profile, application-specific cutting structures, and superior hard-facing material, Baker Hughes says. It adds that the proprietary polished cutters reduce balling to eliminate buildup on the cutting face and aid cutting evacuation, improving overall drilling efficiency. Large-volume junk slots provide hydraulic efficiency in low horsepowerper-square-inch situations, while patented torque management technology and a shorter bit length help operators drill directional wells quickly and accurately, According to Baker Hughes, the TalonTM bit combines accuracy, speed, and durability to shorten the time it takes to drill wells. Baker Hughes reports. The company says these features work together to provide enhanced directional control, superior cutting through tough formations, and the ability to efficiently hit the pay zone. For information, visit Ì AmeriSafe Adds Marcellus To Its Consulting Practice PITTSBURGH–Amerisafe Consulting & Safety Services has added Marcellus Shale safety to its consulting services. The company says its practice includes: • PEC Premier training, including the basic eight-hour course and the core compliance 24-hour training program; • Industrial hygiene services for Marcellus Shale natural gas drilling operations; • On-site Marcellus Shale safety support, which provides 24/7 access to degreed or certified safety professionals; and • Topics such as Occupational Health and Safety Administration, SafeLand/SeaGulf, first aid, and hydrogen sulfide. ACSS adds that it can manage clients’ ISN programs, including the review and verification process. The company reports it not only will develop safety programs but also will interface with ISN to ensure complete compliance with host employer requirements. For information, contact Amerisafe Consulting & Safety Services at 724-755-2140 or visit Ì FMC Sets World Record For Completion Depth HOUSTON–FMC Technologies Inc. says its enhanced vertical deepwater tree (EVDT) system has set a deepwater completion record of 9,627 feet. This depth was achieved at the Shell-operated Tobago Field, part of the Perdido development in the Gulf of Mexico. The record surpasses the previous milestone of 9,356 feet that was established in 2008 at Shell’s Silvertip Field, which also is part of the Perdido development. FMC points out that the previous record also was achieved by an FMC-designed EVDT, a subsea oil and gas production tree system that earned FMC the 2008 Spotlight on New Technology Award at the Offshore Technology Conference. According to the company, the vertical completion system contains innovative features that provide versatility, installation savings and operational efficiencies in deepwater fields. Located on Alaminos Canyon Block 815, Shell’s Perdido development includes the Great White, Silvertip and Tobago fields. FMC says its scope of supply for the project has included 25 subsea trees pressure rated at 10,000 psi, five subsea caisson separation and boosting systems, two subsea manifolds, and related controls and equipment. Ì World Finance Magazine Cites Breitling Oil & Gas IRVING, TX.–Irving-based Breitling Oil and Gas Corporation says it has been named best independent oil and gas company-North America 2011 by World Finance Magazine. “We are honored to receive this award, which recognizes Breitling’s dedication and accomplishments in expanding shale gas and the North American oil and gas exploration industry as a whole,” responds Chief Executive Officer Chris Faulkner. Adds World Finance Magazine Editor Alexander Redcliffe, “Breitling’s investment strategy has emerged as the fractional ownership model of the North American oil industry. It celebrates the real handson option of investing in particular oil and gas fields, making it the clear choice to provide visible results and real experiences for the avid investor.” Ì 264 THE AMERICAN OIL & GAS REPORTER

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