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Contents JANUARY 2012 Volume 55 No. 1 THE ISSUE For the third straight year, AOGR’s annual Survey of Independent Operators projects a double-digit increase in anticipated drilling activity by U.S. Outlook 2012 independent producers and operators. Helping drive that is the U.S. “shale revolution.” Part one of the 2012 Oil & Gas Shales series explores the resource plays that are providing drilling opportunities. Meanwhile, Tech Trends 2012 opens with a look at how multicomponent 3-D can improve shale drilling results, and the Production Technology reports reveal how advancements in automation are improving operations in challenging environments. The annual Presidential Papers offer insights on the challenges and opportunities independent producer associations face in the coming year, while additional association news comes through Official Convention Sections for PIOGA and IOGAWV. Cover photo by Ottmar Bierwagen. Issue photography courtesy of CARBO Ceramics Inc. and Jim Blecha Photography. JANUARY 2012 The “Better Business” Publication Serving the Exploration / Drilling / Production Industry Measured Solutions from The Completion Diagnostics Company Good science makes good completions. . . Direct measurements make good science. With completion diagnostics from ProTechnics, you’ve got a winning solution. Our direct measurements of completion performance provide critical insights for: Improving production from unconventional reservoirs • Comparing completion designs • Engineered completion studies • Assessing completion performance • Identifying missed reserves • Calibrating frac models • Studying EOR performance • Te c Pa g h e 11 0 Tr en ds Page 94 Gary Slagel PIOGA Chairman “While all eyes are on Pennsylvania, the industry must maintain a path of continuous improvement.” Page 194 John Haskins IOGAWV President “We will continue to see development of the Marcellus Shale, and I think we also will see development of the Utica Shale.” Page 200 NEWS 16 28 36 42 198 249 250 252 State Legislative: West Virginia imposes new Marcellus regulations; Pennsylvania Senate votes to expand state land leasing; Frac disclosure bill dies in Illinois veto session Federal Legislation: Payroll tax bill forces Keystone XL decision; Energy groups support Dodd-Frank revisions EPA: EPA to order chemical disclosure under toxics law; U.S. Chamber questions emissions data; Industry refutes Pavillion, Wy., frac report Gulf of Mexico: Lawsuits challenge seismic permitting Drilling Regs: DRBC rules not good for Marcellus drilling Energy Education: Texas television show tackles ‘The Hard Question’ Conventions: Legacy lawsuits hot topic for LOGA annual; IOGA features Illinois Basin boom times Shale Gas: Shale industry jobs to hit 870,000 by 2015; Public sees benefits of developing shales; Barnett driving North Texas economy PIOGA: Industry growth yields tougher tests IOGAWV: Companies adjust to new rules, fees OFFICIAL CONVENTION SECTIONS 194 200 25 27 10 14 16 260 208 Learn more at or call us at 713-328-2320. COLUMNS Tech Connections Washington Watch Calendar Oil & Gas Counts Industry Digest New Lits & Products 262 264 273 274 Computer Currents Industry Focus Classified Advertising Advertisers Index ProTechnics A Production Enhancement division of Core Laboratories DEPARTMENTS THE PRESIDENTIAL PAPERS The chief elected officials of associations served by AOGR as official publication, plus the heads of selected national industry groups, examine economic, political and regulatory challenges facing U.S. independents.

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The American Oil and Gas Reporter - January 2012
Oil & Gas Counts
State Legislative
Industry Digest
Tech Connections
Washington Watch
Federal Legislation
Gulf of Mexico
Resource Plays Providing Wealth of Opportunities
Tight Plays Poised to Transform U.S. Crude Supply
El Paso Project Optimizes Eagle Ford Completion Design
Real-Time Forward Modeling Improves Bakken Horizontals
Cover Story
Financial Firms Expand Oil and Gas Divisions
Multicomponent 3-D Poised for Growth in Shale Plays
Cloud Computing Driving Business Step Changes
Advanced Attributes Improve 3-D Interpretation
3-D Data Improve Knowledge of Shale Heterogeneity
HBUR RSS Solves Granite Wash Drilling Challenges
Technologies Improve Production Consistency in Resource Plays
SaaS Helps Operator Streamline Data Management
Automation Enhances Operations in Challenging Applications
Dispersant Chemistry Combats Plugging in Low-Gravity Oil Wells
New Technologies Optimize Production
Drilling Regs
The Presidential Papers
Energy Education
Shale Gas
New Lits & Products
Computer Currents
Industry Focus
Classified Advertising
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The American Oil and Gas Reporter - January 2012