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show talk 010 It's Complicated DOUG HOPE FOUNDER AND SHOW DIRECTOR, GLOBALSHOP @globalshopshow I N ITS HEYDAY , the venerable Bullock's department store in Pasadena, Calif., was an uncommonly successful retail destination and was probably comparably simple to operate. Because my grandmother was a buyer and salesperson at the store, I had access into the behind-the-scenes activities. Besides the holiday season, the spring introductions were considered key to success. Perhaps the most important thing to the merchandising of the spring collection was the predominant color of the spring lines. Once the color palette was established by the buyers, they communicated to the merchandisers, so that they could plant tulips in the exterior window boxes that would coordinate with those colors. Strategic, well planned and, more importantly, simple. There probably aren't many retailers fretting about floral color palettes today and, most certainly, there's no such thing as simplicity in retail. In the past decade, there has been an exponential growth in the complexity of operating a successful retail venture. Consideration has to be given to the target consumer, and a media strategy that involves not only channels, but also the platforms. The introduction of the smartphone further complicates the shopper's path and in-store experience, as well as their decision-making. To those factors, add social media influence, a dynamic and fickle multitasking consumer with less leisure time and a nonlinear shopping habit, and one can begin to see just how complicated retailing has GlobalShop 2014 March 18-20 Sponsored by A.R.E Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas | CONTACT US: 1145 Sanctuary Pkwy., Ste. 355 Alpharetta, GA 30009-4772 Ph: (770) 291-5400 FEBRUARY 2014 DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM become. The myriad of choices of suppliers, management of brands pushing their way onto the floor, technology decisions, store design and merchandising is daunting, dynamic and risky at best-and the stakes are higher than ever before. SHOW STAFF: → Founder and Show Director Doug Hope (770) 291-5453 doug.hope@ → Sales Manager Roarke Dowd (770) 291-5428 roarke. → Account Executive Dreama McDaniel (770) 291-5420 dreama.mcdaniel@ → Account Executive Kerry Tyler (770) 291-5432 kerry.tyler@ Since all of you have found it necessary to adapt to an ever-increasing speed of change, maybe you have not considered just how big the challenge has become. But, if you pause for a moment and think back a few years, you would have to conclude that your job and those of your colleagues have become much, much harder. So, what is the point? The point is this: in the past quartercentury of working with the store design and visual merchandising professionals we serve, I've learned that nobody understands the total shopping experience better than you. But, considering all of the influencers required to pull together today's retail space, it's possible that your opinion, your voice and your insights can be pushed to the side, virtually drowned out by the noise the change makes. Don't let that happen. You know more about that total shopper experience than the number crunchers, code warriors, consultants, sales reps or analysts. Make your voice be heard and help ensure that the consumer experience continues to enrich and improve. And, by the way, I should mention that the one place you can go to for more solution providers than anywhere else is GlobalShop in Las Vegas, March 18-20. And, if you're planting for this spring, I hear something in an orchid tone might be a good choice. → Marketing Manager Heather Kuznetz (770) 291-5512 heather.kuznetz@ → Conference Manager Toni Ward (770) 291-5441 → Senior Operations Manager Derrick Nelloms (770) 291-5452 EMERALD EXPOSITIONS: → President, Emerald Expositions David Loechner → Senior Vice President, Business Development Darrell Denny → Vice President, Finance Denise Bashem → Vice President, Operations Lori Jenks → Vice President, Digital, Teresa Reilly → Vice President, Manufacturing & Marketing Services Joanne Wheatley → Senior Vice President Joe Randall Photo by VITAL PAPLAUSKI/ISTOCK/THINKSTOCK http://www.DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM

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design:retail - February 2014
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design:retail - February 2014