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inspirations 030 Circus Act K nown for his eerie "illustrashions," 25-year-old illustrator Achraf Amiri recently caught the eye of London-based Adel Rootstein Ltd. Intrigued by the striking work of the self-proclaimed "hidden son of the Addams Family," the mannequin company proposed a collaboration that would bring Amiri's illustrations off the page and onto its forms. Inspired by the circus-the central theme of Rootstein's New York showroom during the 2013 Retail Design Collective-the team set out to create the Magenta Collection, which would embody a slogan that Amiri coined: "Trashion is My Circus." "The idea was to give the illusion of my 2-D February 2014 illustrations turning into 3-D," Amiri says. "Just as I usually proceed, I sketched a first silhouette that I believed would be suitable to wear clothes-well, little ones." Later in the process, Amiri also helped in sculpting the head of the mannequin from clay, and directing the make-up and hairstyles. "Not much clay was needed, as I wanted her to have razor-sharp cheekbones," he notes. The collection features all of the characteristics of Amiri's illustrative style: tall-articulated figures, long nails, extensive, messy eyelashes-and glamour. It's the kind of weird and wonderful beauty you can't take your eyes off of, right? We like to call it "a good kind of creepy." - Lauren Mitchell Illustration by achraf amiri Photo by chris Jepson http://www.DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM

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design:retail - February 2014
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design:retail - February 2014