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designer picks 020 Infusion of Fresh GWEN NEWLAND ARCHITECT, INNOVATION AND DESIGN A CHICK-FIL-A INC. WARENESS OF FRESH whether it is where our food comes from, its quality or that we simply enjoy it as a lifestyle-is an everyday prominence. Fresh flavors not only inspire new products, but also provide the opportunity to look at how product is presented, delivered and the environments in which they are experienced. Here are some trends inspired by the fresh concept: 1. Fresh Fast(er) [2] Once a place to retreat and enjoy a meal, quick-casual restaurants are finding ways to make fresh dining options more accessible. Brands are able to connect with guests and expand their businesses by adapting to lifestyle conveniences and day-part offerings (from food trucks to drive-thrus and dessert-dispensing ATMs). Photo by GWEN NEWLAND [1] 2. Fresh Views From salads to pizzas to burritos, at the heart of many quick-casual dining experiences is an intentionally exposed kitchen. Whether you create your own or watch it in the making, displays of fresh ingredients and views into the kitchen create both interactivity and connections to a brand. 3. Fresh with Heart Supporting local communities in need of nourishment connects fresh offerings with a big, lasting impact-whether brands teach healthy lifestyle or serve quality food with dignity-helping to build better lives through fresh foods provides depth of brand. [3] 4. Fresh Ideas Programs that foster the development of the restaurant business put the best food concepts center stage. Food concepts that stretch the culinary limits with flavor, sourcing and creativity get the spotlight. Guests flock to the thrill of trying something new. 5. Fresh Local No longer are local farmers' markets just rural, they are in our cities as well. They have raised the visibility of local farmers and artisans, creating a platform for market-fresh creativity. Where else could you try a Fig Orange Honey pop? Photo by GWEN NEWLAND GWEN NEWLAND IS A MEMBER OF THE CHICK-FIL-A INNOVATION AND DESIGN TEAM, PROVIDING SOLUTIONS FOR FOOD RETAIL THAT [4] MEET THE COMPETITIVE NEEDS OF ONE OF AMERICA'S TOP FASTFOOD RESTAURANTS. [5] OCTOBER 2014 DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM Photos courtesy of THINKSTOCK (except where noted) http://www.DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM

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design:retail - October 2014
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