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shopper insights 036 Looking Ahead JOHN ANDERSON POPAI INTERIM PRESIDENT janderson@popai @popaihq T HIS PAST YEAR was exciting not only for POPAI, but for the entire in-store marketing industry. We saw an increase in in-store purchase decision rates (shown in POPAI's 2014 Mass Merchant Study), an effective introduction of iBeacon technology and other new technologies, innovative store displays with more creative experiences and more. We know that not only will our industry continue to grow in 2015, but also the technology will get more exciting, and shopper behaviors will push us to create new experiences that our predecessors couldn't have even imagined. We're already seeing more mobile integration, acceptance of store format change and the use of more insights when planning campaigns. At POPAI, we're most excited about learning results from our Compliance study that's been fielding since September. This study will bring new benchmarks for compliance of displays with the help of Quri's technology and fieldwork. Results will show what displays are getting set up properly, what normal wear-and-tear looks like for displays in stores over a period of time, and more. This only means positive things for our industry. We'll be able to justify our medium with more data, see our production increase and gain more ROI when it comes to budgeting ad dollars. We're excited for our industry and what it means for you and our association members. 2015 will be a great year for growth and new formats, designs and technology. We hope that you'll join us at POPAI and continue to help grow and support our industry. What are you most excited for in 2015? [2] [1] Winning Displays from 2014's OMA Awards Program. 1. Kraken Tentacle Rack, Bish Creative Display 2. Mattel Barbie Digital Makeover Interactive Display, Darko Inc. 3. Design Phase, Disney Infinity Program JOHN ANDERSON IS THE INTERIM PRESIDENT OF POPAI, THE GLOBAL ASSOCIATION FOR MARKETING AT RETAIL, AN INFORMATION SOURCE FOR BRAND MARKETERS, RETAILERS, PRODUCERS AND SUPPLIERS. [3] FIND OUT MORE AT POPAI.COM. NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2014 036_drm_01214_ShopIns.indd 36 DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM Photos courtesy of POPAI 11/12/14 3:16 PM http://www.POPAI.COM http://www.DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM

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design:retail - November/December 2014
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design:retail - November/December 2014