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editor's note 010 Trophy Life ALISON EMBREY MEDINA EXECUTIVE EDITOR @dretaileditor I N THE FOURTH grade, I received a trophy for a poster I made promoting Fire Safety Week at my elementary school. The trophy has a firefighter's hat engraved into the top. It was my pride and joy, and still sits in my home office. My junior year of high school, I won a Yale Citizenship Award basically for being nice to my teachers and getting good grades (feel free to insert teacher's pet jokes here, I'm used to it!). My prize was a giant book containing the complete works of William Shakespeare, which I still have. (And it's still in the plastic wrap it came in.) My senior year of high school, I was awarded the Most Valuable Player in the city of Huntsville in fast-pitch softball. They ran a news story in the local paper, and I got to be semi-famous for a day. I still have that paper clipping, too. But it was recently-this past July, in fact-that I won the best award I can imagine. We all did, actually. This summer, design:retail was honored with the first-place National Gold Award for Best Redesign of a Trade Publication by the American Society of Business Publication Editors at their annual awards event in New York. I cannot tell you how much pride I take in that. This redesign has a little piece of the heart and soul of each and every member of this editorial, art, sales and marketing team, and being honored for its final output fills me with overwhelming joy. Perhaps even more shocking (to us anyway), is SEPTEMBER 2015 DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM that this same group of esteemed editors named us a finalist for Magazine of the Year in 2015. We have been entering this competition for decades and barely grazed an Honorable Mention maybe every three years or so. Magazine of the Year FINALIST? Be still my beating heart. My point in sharing this with you? We don't take for granted that it still means something to be honored and acknowledged for the work you put in, and the magic it can create. That is why we still bring this Portfolio Awards issue to you each September, where we have the opportunity to showcase on a pedestal the finest people, firms and projects the retail design industry has to offer. The work is stellar, the people inspiring and the company stories uplifting. My sincere congratulations to all of the awardees, and a special thanks to you-our readers-for taking the time to vote for your favorites. (And if you'd like to meet the winners in person, there is still time to register for the upcoming design:retail Forum, Sept. 24-26 in Portland, Ore., where we'll honor the winners at the annual Portfolio Awards Dinner. For more info or to register, visit As you sift through the pages of this issue, I hope the photos and articles incite you to push that extra mile toward whatever your version of ultimate success might be. We want to see your work on these pages as much as you do. Our hope is that someday, a copy of this magazine might be your fire trophy, your book of Shakespeare or your very own hometown newspaper clipping. Cheers to all of this year's winners. You all deserve every bit of it. Illustration by SHANNON MAY http://www.DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM

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design:retail - September 2015
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design:retail - September 2015