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show talk 012 Connecting "IRL" DOUG HOPE FOUNDER AND SHOW DIRECTOR, GLOBALSHOP @globalshopshow J UST A FEW years ago, prognos- ticators and deep thinkers saw the end of tradeshows in the near future-a future which we are now in. They believed that the advancement of the Internet, virtual reality and even virtual tradeshows would cause the downfall of the platform. That didn't happen, not only because the iterations of virtual tradeshows were virtually comical, but also because of two important factors. First of all, the desire to see and touch physical product in person, on a large scale, is still there; and secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the opportunity to see colleagues and make new connections-in real life (IRL). Most of those predictions came about in the late '90s, and we certainly have many more digital tools available to us today, as well as an Internet that's more advanced and smartphones that were years away from those predictions. But even as we witness more technological innovation, it also seems that the desire to make human connection has intensified. Perhaps that's because we are so immersed in our digital world that we crave one-on-one experience. In the world of retail design and merchandising, it seems that there is a much higher than average awareness of others in the industry-at first glance, it seems that almost everybody knows everyone GlobalShop 2016 March 23-25 Sponsored by A.R.E. In cooperation with IIDA Mandalay Bay Convention Center Las Vegas | CONTACT US: 1145 Sanctuary Pkwy., Ste. 355 Alpharetta, GA 30009-4772 SEPTEMBER 2015 DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM else, which is probably statistically impossible in an industry of some 20,000 end-users. Considering that the retail industry is a high-profile one (revenues now at $5 trillion), it is logical to expect that the individuals in it would also be high-profile; something that our team can anecdotally confirm. As the largest event in the industry, GlobalShop affords a social platform that is unparalleled in the market, thus creating your other (live) social network. While many of your in-person encounters are coincidental, impromptu meetings on the tradeshow floor, some of them (either with exhibitors or fellow attendees) are planned. In past years, while undeniably aware of this phenomenon, we've not been purposeful about facilitating this aspect of SHOW STAFF: → Founder and Show Director Doug Hope (770) 291-5453 doug.hope@ → Sales Manager Roarke Dowd (770) 291-5428 roarke. → Account Executive Dreama McDaniel (770) 291-5420 dreama.mcdaniel@ → Account Executive Kerry Tyler (770) 291-5432 kerry.tyler@ your visit. But since those in-person meetings are eagerly anticipated, we're doing a couple of things to improve that facet of our event. In order to better navigate you to relevant exhibitors, we have refined our matchmaking tool, making it easier to identify exhibitors that are showing products and services of interest, and even allowing pre-show communication, if you so choose. While it may seem a long way off, it is not too soon to make plans to open your social media profiles and let your social network know that you will be in Las Vegas next March-and also invite other industry friends to the event. When you register for GlobalShop 2016, just remember to permit the social media tool to connect you. We have plans underway for networking events next March as well-just drop in on our website for announcements and newsletters with more information after you register. We look forward to meeting you, IRL, of course, at the show. → Marketing Director Heather Kuznetz (770) 291-5512 heather.kuznetz@ → Conference Manager Toni Ward (770) 291-5441 → Senior Operations Manager Derrick Nelloms (770) 291-5452 derrick.nelloms@ → Executive Vice President Joe Randall joe.randall@ EMERALD EXPOSITIONS: → CEO and President David Loechner → CFO and Treasurer Philip Evans → Chief Information Officer Bill Charles → Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary David Gosling → Senior Vice President, Operations Lori Jenks → Senior Vice President, Digital Teresa Reilly → Vice President, Marketing Services Joanne Wheatley → Vice President, Human Resources Eileen Deady → Vice President, Corporate Operations Denise Bashem http://www.DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM

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design:retail - September 2015
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design:retail - September 2015