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we love this! 018 GOURMET GUMMIES D ISPLAYING A SELECTION of more than 100 types of gummies, Squish is a one-of-a-kind candy emporium that is delighting shoppers at Carrefour Laval, a major mall located in the greater-Montreal area.Toronto-based FGMDA served as architect for the store's design, while Squish's color scheme of crisp white and shades of pink was created by Lokl, a graphic design firm that extended the store's image to decorative accents and packaging. Squish's founder and president is candy lover Sarah Segal (a member of the family that founded and developed David's Teas), who has what she calls "a flavor background," and SEPTEMBER 2015 DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM identified the profitable potential of introducing gourmet gummies and other special candies to the public. "I saw that in the candy world there was just sweet or sour and not much beyond that," Segal says. Likening potential candy flavors to the taste complexities found in wine, cheese or teas, she wanted to bring the appreciation of artisanal candy up to that level. "I imagined a place where the candy isn't treated in a pick-and-mix manner, but packaged nicely and presented in a way that people would understand that different and special candy can be found only at Squish," she explains. Customers can sample any flavor displayed on Squish's 12-ft. tasting wall, and as an added bonus, the store also carries jellybeans, lollipops and chocolates. While Squish continues to offer traditional tastes like cherry, strawberry and peach, Segal searches for new and exciting flavors to add to its already extensive candy palette. Gummies are classified into five categories: intense, fruity, calm, decadent and cocktail. From spicy chili and ginger hearts (intense) to strawberry milkshake gummies (decadent) and Champagne-flavored bubbly bears (cocktail), Squish has added sea buckthorn, a berry-like fruit flavor from Scandinavia that is gaining popularity with trendy chefs. A sweet design for sure. - Vilma Barr Photos by FRANCIS TOUSIGNANT http://www.DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM

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design:retail - September 2015
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design:retail - September 2015