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show talk 014 Blurred Lines DOUG HOPE FOUNDER AND SHOW DIRECTOR, GLOBALSHOP @globalshopshow N OT SO LONG ago-just a few presidential elections back-distinctions between industries and business channels were clear: black and white. As industries have gotten larger, as shareholders demand better performance and as digital emerges, the lines have gotten blurry. Is that device in your pocket a phone or a computer? Was your last trip for business or leisure? Is your consumer a shopper or a content creator? The last article you read- was it journalism or native advertising? (Hint: if it was in this magazine, it was the former.) Think about a major brand-is it a brand or is it a retailer? Or both? Looking inwardly at our retail design market, the boundaries between fixtures, visuals and in-store advertising have blurred as well. While the budgets may come from different buckets and possibly from outside the retail door, the distinction between products in the retail environment is not so clear as it was in the mid-90s when GlobalShop began. So, it should probably come as no surprise that our two sponsor partners, A.R.E. GlobalShop 2016 March 23-25 Sponsored by A.R.E. | POPAI The New Association In cooperation with IIDA Mandalay Bay Convention Center Las Vegas | CONTACT US: 1145 Sanctuary Pkwy., Ste. 355 Alpharetta, GA 30009-4772 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 and POPAI, have officially merged, and now have fixtures, visuals and in-store marketing products all under one roof (A.R.E. merged with the visual industry association- NADI-several years ago). So, both GlobalShop and its sponsor partners now have a complete and comprehensive reflection of the current state of the totality of the retail industry's "face," as the shopper sees it. This was a logical step forward and provides perhaps the best opportunity to address the challenges that not only retailers and brands face, but also the industry that supplies it SHOW STAFF: → Founder and Show Director Doug Hope (770) 291-5453 doug.hope@ → Sales Manager Roarke Dowd (770) 291-5428 roarke. → Account Executive Dreama McDaniel (770) 291-5420 dreama.mcdaniel@ → Account Executive Kerry Tyler (770) 291-5432 kerry.tyler@ DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM with some $65 billion of in-store products and services. The New Association (its interim name while it is rebranding) has a colossal challenge ahead of it, well beyond the mechanics of integrating its new membership. It must provide retailers and brands with more comprehensive solutions and greater insights into a marketplace that is changing faster and growing differently than it ever has. Strategically, retailers and consumer goods companies grapple with solving perplexing issues around the path to purchase, omnichannel and the physical/ digital fusion of retail space. As the industry contends with a more intricate landscape of design firms, consumer goods makers and retailers, it is essential that each side sharpen its strategies and develop higher-caliber solutions. Considering the magnitude of the challenge, the now unified association probably chose the optimal moment to combine. → Marketing Director Heather Kuznetz (770) 291-5512 heather.kuznetz@ → Conference Manager Toni Ward (770) 291-5441 → Senior Operations Manager Derrick Nelloms (770) 291-5452 derrick.nelloms@ → Executive Vice President Joe Randall joe.randall@ EMERALD EXPOSITIONS: → CEO and President David Loechner → CFO and Treasurer Philip Evans → Chief Information Officer Bill Charles → Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary David Gosling → Senior Vice President, Operations Lori Jenks → Senior Vice President, Digital Teresa Reilly → Vice President, Marketing Services Joanne Wheatley → Vice President, Human Resources Eileen Deady → Vice President, Corporate Operations Denise Bashem Illustration by FROM2015/ISTOCK/THINKSTOCK http://www.DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM

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design:retail - November/December 2015
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design:retail - November/December 2015