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how'd they do that? 027 REQUIRED READING A LUCID DREAM OF books with magical flipping pages flying over book pyramids was the inspiration behind a Michael Kors retail vitrine at Westfield Valley Fair, an upscale indoor shopping mall in San Jose, Calif. The challenge for Billy Barnes, art director of Volanti Displays, was translating his fantastical dream into a whimsical fashion display. While he considered retrofitting a 24-in. LCD screen into an actual book, finding a book that could structurally support the weight of the screen proved difficult. As a result, he began experimenting with papier-mâché, even watching numerous YouTube tutorials. Using papier-mâché to build a book form around the high-definition display, Barnes then worked with a fine-toothed comb to drag through the clay-like substance to create the line work for the layers of pages. Different levels of glue and water were used to develop the desired leather texture for the book cover. With the book form complete, the next challenge was creating the magical flipping pages. Barnes positioned a camera over his head and worked with a Michael Kors catalog, turning the pages one by one. The video images needed to be properly aligned with the book binding so the finished product had a seamless appearance in order to achieve the animated page effect. Barnes then worked with the numerous books he had collected to build the book. Book pyramids were strategically arranged to disguise the platform supporting the book, positioned at a height that allows adults and children to be lured to the visual display. Book sculptures, books transformed by turning and folding pages, were added, as well as a birdcage, birds and butterflies. The magical scene sets the perfect stage for a classic Michael Kors black dress. The end result is a captivating 360-degree display. "It was our mission to bring tech innovation, creativity and an artistic twist to a retail fashion display," Barnes says. Mission accomplished. - Jenny S. Rebholz Top/Middle: Photos by BILLY BARNES Bottom: Photo by KOOSHA ARAGHI

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design:retail - November/December 2015
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design:retail - November/December 2015