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shopper insights 040 We've Only Just Begun IRA L. GLESER PRESIDENT AMPLIFY MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS A S WE COME TO the end of 2015, I thought it would be a good time to consider what we've learned about shoppers this year, and where things stand with integrating physical and digital worlds in a retail environment. I talked to two experts on shopper insights and retail marketing innovations: Michael La Kier currently leads the shopper marketing and retail strategy practice at Gannett/ USA Today and previously led shopper marketing strategy and capability for Coca-Cola. John Edelman is co-founder and principal at Cloverleaf Innovation, a Chicago-based consultancy that combines design thinking, creative insights and practical business analytics. design:retail: What is one trend, insight or innovation that surprised you this year? La Kier: During the recent back-to-school season, I was surprised, as a parent, at how much traffic was in the stores. While this is a hectic time for parents, and a shopping season that is ripe for innovation and e-commerce, the experience of "shopping with your kids" is something parents really want to hold on to. To me, this is an example of the significant role bricks-and-mortar stores continue to play, creating experiences that connect with the shopper. Edelman: I would say that getting more insights on behaviors related to the shopping experience through digital tracking technology has been a huge innovation this year (i.e. the ability to capture 24/7 digital behavior of a target consumer audience). d:r: How would you summarize the current state of integrating bricks and mortar with digital? NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM 2 0 1 6 La Kier: I think we are moving from "pockets of innovation" in the physical retail space to elements of full-scale transformation, as we're starting to see things get wired together. There is a new breed of merchant out there, one who is as comfortable with data as they are with design and merchandising creative. By knowing more about your customers and merging data with creative and personalization, the future is going to be led by "data ninjas" who can pull all this together and make it work. Edelman: This is a challenging time to be a large-scale traditional retailer. The sheer quantity of stores, dollars tied up in inventory and complex distribution networks make them slow to embrace digital integration. Some of the fallout we've seen this year is large retailers closing stores. On the other side of the coin, e-commerce companies (e.g. Warby Parker) are executing this integration extremely well and moving into the bricks-and-mortar space. They operate in smaller retail spaces, they don't have huge amounts of overhead and they know their shopper, because they have been engaging with them online. They are able to take that knowledge and curate a great retail experience that can be highly targeted. d:r: Any predictions for 2016? La Kier: I think we are going to see more personalization as the integration of digital and physical continues to evolve. This will continue to have huge implications for the shopper experience, both in the front of the store, but also the back of the store. I want to know "Michael" is in the store, and with an understanding of his online browsing behavior, my salespeople can suggest items/products that will close the sale faster. I also think we will continue to see physical stores becoming innovation labs for smart retailers. The ones that are testing and tweaking today will be positioned for long-term success. Edelman: I think e-commerce companies will continue jumping into physical retail, and this will go well beyond clothiers and health-and-beauty concepts/brands. Pop-up and pop-in concepts will just explode. We will continue to see larger retailers suffer, but the survivors will start to "get it." They will have to be creative, innovative and strategic to pull off this transformation. Finally, we will see an emerging trend in "retail fusion"-different retail concepts and products merging together into one provocative experience. IRA L. GLESER IS PRESIDENT OF ATLANTA-BASED AMPLIFY MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS (AMPLIFYMC.COM), WHICH HELPS BRANDS AND ORGANIZATIONS CONNECT MORE EFFECTIVELY WITH CLIENTS, CUSTOMERS AND PROSPECTS. Photo by MANUEL FABA ORTEGA/THINKSTOCK http://www.AMPLIFYMC.COM http://www.DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM

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design:retail - November/December 2015
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design:retail - November/December 2015