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show talk 010 Sufficient Evidence? DOUG HOPE FOUNDER AND SHOW DIRECTOR, GLOBALSHOP @globalshopshow T HANKS TO AN acquisition earlier this year, our retail design brands have a new sister magazine in healthcare, Healthcare Design, as well as the Healthcare Design Conference & Exposition (which was just held in Washington, D.C). In the recent past, hospitals were ugly, square concrete edifices; certainly not a place where inspired design lived. But, just like other fields of design, healthcare has evolved- perhaps more radically than other market segments. Commercial, residential, automotive, technology and certainly retail design have all become more sophisticated as they have evolved into the advanced stage that they now occupy. In retail design, there are many processes (and trends) in the background that have been, at least in part, either propellants or restrictors of that evolution. Value engineering and reverse auctions come to mind-neither of which has necessarily advanced design or improved results (not to mention intra-industry relations). Is there a process that can move retail forward? Something that can advance the market, even in light of budget and strategic shifts? Could part of GlobalShop 2016 March 23-25 Sponsored by A.R.E. | POPAI The New Association In cooperation with IIDA Mandalay Bay Convention Center Las Vegas | CONTACT US: 1145 Sanctuary Pkwy., Ste. 355 Alpharetta, GA 30009-4772 JANUARY 2016 DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM that answer reside in an unlikely place, such as healthcare? How did that market evolve as quickly and radically as it has given that the healthcare market doesn't think of their space in terms of revenue per sq. ft. (or at least not as obsessively as retailers do)? One of the drivers in healthcare design is called Evidence-Based Design, or EBD, a field that became popularized at the turn of this century and driven in large part by the Center for Healthcare Design (CHD). It's officially described as "a process that bases decisions about the built environment on credible research that achieves the best possible outcomes." So far, so good. Drilling down a bit deeper, the result of EBD is improvement in the organizational outcome, the economic performance, productivity and SHOW STAFF: → Founder and Show Director Doug Hope (770) 291-5453 doug.hope@ → Sales Manager Roarke Dowd (770) 291-5428 roarke. → Account Executive Dreama McDaniel (770) 291-5420 dreama.mcdaniel@ → Account Executive Kerry Tyler (770) 291-5432 kerry.tyler@ customer satisfaction. More than 1,200 relevant studies have been documented by the CHD to date. Although EBD has been virtually isolated within the healthcare market, the benefit of reducing cost and improving effectiveness could be very attractive to retail and could provide designers with the justification for design decisions and direction, which should be attractive to designers. The missing element at the moment is the available research and project evaluations needed in order to begin the critical thinking necessary to solving design challenges. That means specific research based on a project objective is necessary- but in the case of most retail chains, that study would need to be applied only to a prototype or flagship and then rolled out without incremental research/evidence costs. We're working toward a goal of bringing EBD to retail design-at least as a test or pilot. Stay tuned for more in the year ahead. → Marketing Director Heather Kuznetz (770) 291-5512 heather.kuznetz@ → Conference Manager Toni Ward (770) 291-5441 → Senior Operations Manager Derrick Nelloms (770) 291-5452 derrick.nelloms@ → Executive Vice President Joe Randall joe.randall@ EMERALD EXPOSITIONS: → CEO and President David Loechner → CFO and Treasurer Philip Evans → Chief Information Officer Bill Charles → Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary David Gosling → Senior Vice President, Operations Lori Jenks → Senior Vice President, Digital Teresa Reilly → Senior Vice President, Marketing Services Joanne Wheatley → Vice President, Human Resources Eileen Deady → Vice President, Corporate Operations Denise Bashem Illustration by ROBUART/ISTOCK/THINKSTOCK http://www.DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM

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design:retail - January 2016
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design:retail - January 2016