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we love this! 012 Farm Fresh F arm-to-table is a commonly used term in the hospitality industry. But what if you are in an urban environment, and the nearest farm is hundreds of miles away? How can you guarantee the freshness of your ingredients, especially during the winter? That was the thought process behind INFARM, an indoor farming start-up based in Berlin, whose vertical "farms" grow fresh local produce hydroponically 365 days a year. The units were designed by INFARM in collaboration with global design firm IDEO. The plants grow on a thin layer of water June 2016 enriched by fertilizers and oxygen, while custom LED growing lights mimic the sun. The first in-store farm-growing leafy greens and unique herbs-is located in Berlin's Metro Cash & Carry, a wholesale supermarket frequented by chefs shopping for ingredients. Local chefs can use an app to special order greens or herbs they can't find other places, and INFARM will deliver the seeds to Metro and start to grow them. INFARM plans to start selling its vertical farms to businesses worldwide in the next year, and is working on units that will also be able to grow vegetables. gloBalsHoP.oRg Growing produce in urban areas cuts down on transportation, logistics and operational costs, and guarantees fresh and flavorful food, according to Erez Galonska, co-founder and CEO of INFARM. "We envision a future in which cities become selfsufficient in their food production," he says. "With our technology, one can build vertical farms in restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, co-working spaces, hospitals and even in your home, while achieving the efficiency of state-of-the-art greenhouses." Attention shoppers, there's a green up on Aisle 5. - Michelle M. Havich Photos by MERAV MAROODY http://www.gloBalsHoP.oRg

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design:retail - June 2016
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design:retail - June 2016