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designer picks 014 5 Tech Trends Shaping Retail MELISSA GONZALEZ CEO THE LIONESQUE GROUP [2] I @melsstyles N OUR HYPER CONNECTED world, retailers are working hard to think outside of the box to create online-offline hybrid experiences in physical store environments. Aided and abetted by technology, brands and retailers are more deeply immersing consumers in new and innovative ways. From augmented reality to social currency, here are a few examples of brands that have successfully married the two worlds. [1] 1. Social Currency Pay with the power of social media instead of dollars. The Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop was the first social media beauty store, igniting more than 10,000 posts in three days, empowering shoppers to pay with social media posts. 2. Connected Glass [3] With the fusion of the offline and online worlds, Fitness Tracker brand Mira helps customers dive deeper into product features. 3. Portable Power Merging products with the technological world and the Internet of Things, smart luggage brand Raden keeps customers fully charged while visiting their retail experience. Photo courtesy of RADEN/BFA 4. Shoppable Showrooms Redefining in-store inventory needs with real-time purchase and fulfillment capabilities, U.K.-based opened a shoppable showroom where customers could catalog all their looks, post to social channels for opinions and purchase in real time via affiliated links embedded in their images. [4] [5] 5. Augmented Reality Guests are invited to discover and virtually apply the perfect polish color to complement their skin's pigmentation with Sally Hansen's augmented reality app, ManiMatch. MELISSA GONZALEZ IS THE CEO OF POP-UP RETAIL FIRM THE LIONESQUE GROUP. SHE ALSO IS A RETAIL STRATEGIST AND THE AUTHOR OF "THE POP-UP PARADIGM." JUNE 2016 DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM GLOBALSHOP.ORG Photos courtesy of THE LIONESQUE GROUP (unless otherwise noted) http://www.DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM http://www.GLOBALSHOP.ORG

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design:retail - June 2016
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design:retail - June 2016