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clicks & mortar 016 Smart Showroom W HAT IS COOKING in the newly remodeled London Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom? A taste of delectable smart tech improvements are on the menu. Located in the posh Knightsbridge neighborhood's Brompton Design District, the 4,000-sq.-ft. store features a new ground floor layout that is lighter and brighter than before. A relocated reception ensures visitors receive a warm welcome to its industrial-inspired range of kitchen appliances. A "demo home" includes the Living Kitchen, plus wood-paneled study, cocktail bar and subterranean garden-echoing traditional British style. "We emulated a whole-home experience that literally shows customers how our products would fit into their everyday lives," explains Ricky Davies, Sub-Zero and Wolf's U.K. operations JUNE 2016 DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM manager. (Perhaps that's why the "Winston Churchill Cigar Room" continuously plays the former British leader's speeches.) But it wasn't just displays and visuals that needed tweaking. Before renovation, showroom staff had trouble operating the music system, which was deemed difficult to use, generally unreliable and temperamental (i.e., unexpectedly powering down). They turned to Your Smart Home Ltd., a U.K.based tech integration firm, to handle an upgraded A/V system. "While the Sub-Zero and Wolf team understood the benefits of a showroom outfitted with smart technology, they were skeptical given their first poorly implemented automation system," says William Hopkins, managing director at Your Smart Home. Today, all rooms automatically power on and off thanks to a pre-set schedule, saving staff valuable time. GLOBALSHOP.ORG To develop the control system, Your Smart Home relied on an ELAN Entertainment & Control System paired with a Niles Auriel Multi-Room Audio System. Control of all A/V, HVAC, lighting and security installed throughout is accessed through one of two in-wall touch panels, a handheld remote, or mobile app installed on each showroom consultant's phone or tablet. The showroom also plays host to celebrity chefled live cooking events. "While the objective is to demonstrate our appliances' superb performance, we often get to do the same for the ELAN system," Davies says. "When clientele watch (staff) adjust the kitchen's lighting, HVAC and A/V from their smartphone, it certainly grabs their attention and starts a conversation about smart home control." Talk about a brilliant solution served with a side of inspirational style. - Janet Groeber Photo courtesy of SUB-ZERO & WOLF http://www.DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM http://www.GLOBALSHOP.ORG

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design:retail - June 2016
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design:retail - June 2016