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have you heard? 028 The reTAil indusTry is being TrAnsformed by digiTAl Technology Across The globe: New Store Watch 49% of in-store (offline) sales in the united states are influenced by digital devices* 1. 85% Mey, Constance, Germany Opened: March 2016 Photo by Jens Pfisterer of the digital influence in india is accounted for by smartphones* 2. Glen's Garden Market, Washington, D.C. 36% Opened: December 2015 Photo by Kate Warren of connected chinese consumers use social media during the browse/ research process* 3. Eye Eye Care & Clinic, Seattle Opened: August 2015 Photo by rafael soldi 50% 4. Simons, Ontario, Canada Opened: March 2016 Photo by Jeremy Kohm of connected chinese consumers get validation for purchases from their social media networks* [1] *These findings are courtesy of Deloitte's "Navigating the New Digital Divide: A Global Summary of Findings from Nine Countries on Digital Influence in Retail" report, which surveyed more than 2,000 consumers in nine key global retail markets. [2] [3] [4] Apple Brings new store Design to U.s. A pple has unveiled the first U.S. store to feature its "next-generation" look in the greater Memphis, Tenn., area. The store, located at the shops of Saddle Creek in Germantown, Tenn., reflects the revamped design that was first introduced in fall 2015 at the retailer's new store in Brussels (shown). Developed by Retail Chief Angela Ahrendts and Chief Design Officer Jony Ive, the new bricks-and-mortar design boasts patented ceiling light panels and recessed spotlights that illuminate product display tables, which are laid out to maximize floor space and create a sense of openness, according to AppleInsider. New wooden table models, which will roll out to stores around the world, feature motion sensors that operate a motorized flip-up panel hiding electrical outlets and USB ports, and a floor-to-ceiling, 37-ft. TV display showcases edge-to-edge images, - Lauren Mitchell Volker AppleInsider also reports. June 2016 gloBalsHoP.oRg Photo courtesy of aPPle http://www.gloBalsHoP.oRg

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design:retail - June 2016
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design:retail - June 2016