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publisher's editor's note 006 Taking Over ORLANDO LLERANDI PUBLISHER, DESIGN:RETAIL @designretailads S URPRISE! I've commandeered Alison's column this month. You can all breathe a sigh of relief to know that, no, I am not your new editor in chief! If you are one of our many loyal readers who immediately jump to this column when your issue arrives, rest assured, it's under her control again in July. My takeover is for a noble cause though. I'd like to officially announce that our very own Alison Embrey Medina was selected as one of Folio:'s Top Women in Media honorees for 2016. We couldn't be more proud of her and the accomplishments she's achieved while guiding this brand to new heights. For those unfamiliar with Folio:, it is an organization dedicated to providing magazine publishing professionals with news, insights and best practices to keep us in tune with today's media industry trends. The annual Top Women in Media Awards celebrate the creativity and accomplishments of our female colleagues in media. Each year, a select group of women are hand-picked by the Folio: team to represent the best and brightest rising stars, entrepreneurs, director-level doers, corporate visionaries and industry leaders. Alison has been recognized as a director-level doer-and I can't think of a better description for her. Folio: describes each class of honorees as having fearlessly moved their teams, brands and companies forward, making strides in their respective markets and creating lasting impressions on their colleagues. It's a high bar that Alison has vaulted. JUNE 2016 DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM I have worked with Alison for more than 12 years. When she took over as executive editor of design:retail (back when it was DDI), she was the youngest editor at the helm in the brand's history. From the moment I saw her grab a mic, I knew she would make an impact. (Join us at the design:retail Forum in September and you'll quickly see what I mean. Register at In January 2014, under Alison's guidance, the rebranded/redesigned design:retail magazine launched, and it immediately captured everyone's attention. Comments such as: "inspirational," "great insight," "great layouts," "a smash," "I am in love" and "bravo, bravo, bravo" poured in. It was obvious that her understanding of the needs of the market and the audience was on the mark. In fact, it was so GLOBALSHOP.ORG on the mark that design:retail was a finalist for ASBPE's Magazine of the Year in 2015. In our travels together, I'll frequently find myself suddenly walking alone because she has stopped to capture a photo of some unique new product or design that she might include in her annual trends presentation. First given each year at the Forum, her trends presentation has opened many new doors for this brand. Each year, she is invited by tradeshows, associations and some of the largest retailers in the world to present those global trends. Her travels abroad have taken her all over the world from Brazil and Mexico to Turkey, France, Germany and China. As a worldwide ambassador for our brand, a consultant to industry associations, a source of information about global trends and a visionary about the market's needs, no one stands close to our executive editor. A reader once told me about Alison: "No one can touch her!" If you haven't already met her, introduce yourself next time you see her. She will truly enjoy meeting you and will probably take time to pick your brain for a new perspective. Who knows, maybe you'll give her the next nugget of information that makes it on the cover of this magazine or into her next presentation. Congrats, Alison. We're so proud of you! http://www.DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM http://www.GLOBALSHOP.ORG

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design:retail - June 2016
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design:retail - June 2016