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backstory 064 W hat if your clothing could respond to the social world around you? at the Manus x Machinathemed Met Gala last month in New york, a "cognitive dress," designed and created by iBM and Marchesa, did just that. Met Gala attendees and those watching from home were encouraged to "converse" with the dress, worn by supermodel Karolina Kurkova on the red carpet, via twitter. using LED technology embedded in the fabric flowers on the dress and iBM's Watson technology (a cognitive computing system that reasons and learns much like a June 2016 human), the dress extracted context from social sentiment live on twitter, changing colors in realtime around the tone of the tweets. "The cognitive dress, created in collaboration with Marchesa, showcases the potential of using Watson to explore new, creative use cases-and demonstrates how cognitive systems are opening up new avenues for artists and designers to make new discoveries," says Jeff arn, iBM Watson Strategist. the dress, arn explains, was created using Watson aPis, cognitive tools from iBM research, solutions from developer partner inno360 and the creative vision from the Marchesa design team. "[The dress] tapped into social sentiment from social media users, extracted the context around gloBalsHoP.oRg the tone of the messages and used LEDs to convey five key human emotions-joy, passion, excitement, curiosity and encouragement-through color," arn explains. "This collaboration is one way in which iBM is stretching the boundaries of Watson's capabilities; the same underlying technologies are also being applied to innovate and make discoveries in numerous industries." all aspects of the dress, from concept to research to design and the finished product, were woven from cognitive inspiration. it's common for the wearer to overthink the outfit, but it appears we have moved into an age where the outfit can, potentially, now out-think the human. - Alison Embrey Medina Photo by darren keith http://www.gloBalsHoP.oRg

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design:retail - June 2016
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design:retail - June 2016