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clicks & mortar 020 DESIGN TRANSPARENCY JULY 2016 DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM F OR AUSTRALIAN SKINCARE brand Aesop, a belief in the power of design has informed the brand since its founding. Along with its products' distinctive utilitarian packaging, Aesop's design ethos has extended into its retail spaces since the creation of its first signature freestanding store in Melbourne, Australia, the brand's home city, in 2004. It was the celebration of the brand's 100th store-located in Oslo, Norway, and designed by renowned Norwegian architecture firm Snohetta-that prompted the creation of a design-dedicated microsite. An online archive of GLOBALSHOP.ORG the brand's signature stores, "Taxonomy of Design" is, as described on the website, "intended not only to document the creation of Aesop stores, but also to celebrate a unique approach to retail architecture and design that is respectful of community, culture and history." Up and running since 2015, the extensive site allows viewers to explore in detail the unique designs of select shops. When clicking on a particular store, visitors can scroll through images and text to learn about the story behind the design, the designer who created it, materials and features used and the neighborhood-as locality is integral to Aesop's design approach. Along with a map of the location and an inspiring quote, several store guides feature a filmed interview with the designer. This series of short films is intended to provide an even more intimate view into the process, materials and neighborhood of each store. With more than 100 signature stores around the world, the brand will continue to add more shops to the site and release new films. "Aesop on Design," found on the brand's main site, proves that for this superlative brand, a belief in the benefits of good design goes skin deep. - Joann Plockova Top: Photo courtesy of AESOP http://www.DESIGNRETAILONLINE.COM http://www.GLOBALSHOP.ORG

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design:retail - July 2016
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design:retail - July 2016