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ew for 2019, the RetailX show
floor will feature Innovation
Valley, a central area designed to
stimulate new thinking, generate
deeper insight and help guide
the near-term future of retail. The curated
collection of companies will showcase innovative solutions to help retailers navigate
the challenges of the rapidly transforming
retail industry.
All solutions showcased are new to the
market, but beyond beta stage. Each solution is already being employed in pilot
stages with a handful of established retailers, and is ready for mass distribution.
"The products featured in Innovation
Valley @ RetailX address the middle ground
solutions that are seamlessly bringing
together the physical and digital retail
worlds," says Heather Perry, associate
show director, RetailX. "Solutions such as
augmented reality, BOPIS, blockchain,
cashier-less checkout and mobile commerce will all be addressed here."

fiction thanks to Drapr's breakthrough artificial intelligence (AI), which produces
a model of a customer accurate to within
a millimeter, and its garment digitization
process that produces perfect, photorealistic
3-D models of every garment in every size.

HERO is reimagining retail: connecting millions of online shoppers browsing
a retailers .com site live with expert sales
associates in-store. Through chat, photos, curated style recommendations and
livestreams straight from the shop floor,
our partner brands-including Tailored
Brands, LVMH, Gap, Richemont and
Levi's-are transforming their idle associates into on-demand personal shoppers
and their analog shops into digital smart
stores of the future.


IMS executes marketing at the point
of purchase-print, display, branded merchandise, digital and the behind-the-scenes
logistics and technology to make it happen.

Increase conversions and decrease returns
with Drapr Virtual Try-Ons. Nothing builds
a customer's confidence in fit and flattery
like letting them try on your clothing in
every size, color and cut-all online. Trying on clothing online is no longer science

Increasingly helps retailers increase incremental basket revenue. The platform
serves AI bundles and cross-sells/up-sells
using the latest in machine-learning algorithms. Driving 15 percent revenue uplift,
Increasingly has won awards, including

Closeup | The intersection of e-commerce, store design and innovation.

Ecommerce Product of the Year, Breakthrough Innovation of 2018 and has been
featured in Forbes as a retail tech disruptor. 

Innowi is a leading tech company out of
San Francisco that focuses on checkout innovation and the customer experience. Its
mobile checkout devices are deployed in
more than 4,000 retail stores by the world's
largest retailer, as well as hotels, airlines
and restaurants. Innowi provides the only
all-in-one payment solution on the market
with a device, pin pad, fingerprint reader,
barcode scanner, camera, full cell phone, all
NFC options (like Apple Pay), chip reader
and card swipe, all in one device. 

One connection to Modo gives you the
flexibility to work with multiple payment
providers and methods, and the visibility to
understand your total cost of payments on
a transactional level.

Let Package Concierge deliver for you!
To ensure the successful completion of
BOPIS transactions, a frictionless pickup
experience is critical. Package Concierge
is committed to helping you leverage your
store with automated, self-serve lockers for
an enhanced BOPIS customer experience.

RetailX Closeup - June 2019

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RetailX Closeup - June 2019
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RetailX Closeup - June 2019 - RetailX Closeup - June 2019
RetailX Closeup - June 2019 - What is RetailX?
RetailX Closeup - June 2019 - Case Study
RetailX Closeup - June 2019 - Cover Story
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