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2. Wind Mill Slatwall Products will showcase its Graphic Series HPL, a new process
that delivers vivid ultra-high resolution and
color. Printed directly on HPL (high-pressure
laminate), individual panels measure 48 in. by
96 in. or smaller to specifications. Panels can
be manufactured as solid panels, DASHwall,
custom slatwall, fixture/gondola inserts or
component parts.
3. ADMAX Display China's product range
includes retractable banners, pop-up stands,
step-and-repeat stands, flags, tents, umbrellas,
SEG fabric frame (shown), PCG tube displays
and all other custom print displays.


1. ACE Designs will be showcasing one of
its newest capabilities-vac forming-bringing
visions to the next dimension. Ever wanted a
wall of blown-up balloons? No problem, they
can create custom designs, no air required.

4. Hera Lighting's ShelfLED-KIT is a completely customizable shelf-lighting system. The
kit features the CStick-LED, a fully customizable LED light fixture that is designed to be
flexible, affordable and high-quality; a SPS
Mini shelf power system that works with 24V
Hera lighting that comes with wood screws
or magnetic backing for easy installation;
and the 24 VDC Daisy Driver, Hera's constant
voltage electronic driver, which is available in
multiple wattages and can be daisy chained to
install up to 1,120 ft. of LED to one quad outlet.
5. Versacart's funky new RunGo convenience
cart packs a punch, having convenience, usability and style built in. Designed with a narrow
chassis, it easily maneuvers through crowded
aisles and with less than 6 in. nesting space,
more carts can be stored in a smaller amount
of space, freeing up valuable retail space. The
unique shape allows for easy access to all three
baskets, while leaving room for bulkier items
on the lower tray. Additional features include
a wire cup holder, a wire phone tray with
integrated plastic spring clip to hold devices
in place and an integrated bag hook keeping
baskets free for shopping items. Available in a
variety of colors.
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RetailX Closeup - June 2019

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RetailX Closeup - June 2019
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RetailX Closeup - June 2019 - RetailX Closeup - June 2019
RetailX Closeup - June 2019 - What is RetailX?
RetailX Closeup - June 2019 - Case Study
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